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    Butterflies on my bowtie

    Hello there!

    I’m a bit shy and I’m usually the one behind the camera, but, little by little, I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone by putting myself in front of it. So, it’s possible that from now on you will see more photos of me. I hope you like them! ūüôā

    Bowtie 1

    On this occasion, I was wearing a denim shirt from New Look, a black tulle skirt from Bliss Tulle and black high heel sandals from Zara. The complements were big Prada sunglasses, pearl earrings and a lovely bowtie from Betolli.

    The tulle skirt is the model Ashley, with a double lay of tulle. It¬†makes me feel like a princess, so I paired¬†it with a¬†denim shirt to relax a bit the look. I was looking for a long time before I found this denim shirt: simple, versatile, but not too “manly”. About the shoes,¬†I love heels, and these black ones combine almost with everything, tall but still comfortable to wear.

    As for the complements, the sunglasses were a gift from my hubby¬†for my birthday. They are not very discrete, even a bit baroque, but I think they suit my personality very well. I got the earrings on my first trip to Philippines, in a small island near Cebu. And the bowtie is the model Celosia from Betolli, a small company from Latvia. The Celosia bowtie is white with a print of butterflies in different colours, delicate and original at the same time. I really like it! I think I’m going to wear it in many outfits.

    Bowtie 2

    Bowtie 3

    Bowtie 4

    Bowtie 5

    Bowtie 6

    Bowtie 7

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