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3/4 length trousers

3/4 length trousers Converse Fashion girl night market printed rabbit earrings Shida street style Taipei Taiwan waterfall cardigan yellow top

Rabbit earrings

This amusing girl was walking by the Shida night market streets with a friend when I met her.

She was wearing a white waterfall cardigan, over a yellow top tied at the waist, and a white tank top under it, 3/4 length printed trousers and white Converse. Her complements were a white watch, a light brown bag, some bracelets, a silver necklace with a cross and original rabbit earrings, a very funny detail that you can appreciate better on the second photo.

3/4 length trousers A Rockable Day Canon camera Converse couple Fashion overalls sneakers strap street striped T-shirt style Taipei Taiwan

Smiling couple

莊嘉恩 (Zhuāng Jiā ēn) and 顏慧婷 (Yán Huì Tíng) are this cute and smiling couple, that I met in the music festival A Rockable Day.

莊嘉恩 (Zhuāng Jiā ēn), the boy, was wearing a white T-shirt with blue stripes, light brown 3/4 length trousers with dark brown dots, and red Converse. His complements were a green shoulder bag and a Canon camera hanging on his neck with a colourful strap.

顏慧婷 (Yán Huì Tíng), the girl, was wearing a grey T-shirt, a dark grey overalls and sneakers with floral print. Her complements were some bracelets, a ring, a watch and a necklace.