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3/4 sleeves

3/4 sleeves ankle boots blouse cap Fashion girl Makati Manila miniskirt Philippines street studded handbag style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan UK United Kingdom vest

Black & White

Seana was walking with a friend when I met her in Makati, although Seana told me that she lives in the United Kingdom.

Seana was wearing a black leather vest over a white blouse with 3/4 sleeves, a black miniskirt, and black ankle boots with golden zippers. Her complements were a white watch, big sunglasses, a black cap, and a black studded handbag which she bought in the UK.

3/4 sleeves Fashion girl Makati Manila palazzo pants Philippines statement necklace street style Taipei Taiwan

Statement necklace

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year to everybody! These holidays I’ve traveled to Thailand and Cambodia and, on my way back to Taipei, I spent two days in Makati (Manila, Philippines). I’ve been in Philippines many times but this time I had the chance to walk around Makati shopping, eating, and realizing how great people dress there! So be ready to see many posts from Makati, because I took tons of photos there! 🙂

The first Philippine star is this girl, Bianca. She was wearing a white top with 3/4 sleeves, and dark blue palazzo pants. Bianca’s complements were a white handbag, a black watch, pearl earrings, and the color key of the outfit, a red and orange statement necklace, property of her mother.

3/4 sleeves blue handbag Fashion girl jacket leggings mustard dress night market platform sandals scarf Shida street style Taipei Taiwan vertical stripes

Dots and stripes

Chrisey Chi was walking with her friend Juby (who also starred a post here) in the Shida night market when I met them.

She was wearing a jacket with black, grey and red vertical stripes and with 3/4 sleeves, over a mustard dress, dark blue leggings, and black platform sandals tied at the ankle (which you can see better at the second picture). Chrisey’s complements were a big blue handbag, and a long scarf combining white and red.