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Adidas beanie chain purse Fashion girl gun high-waisted leather bracelets miniskirt street striped tights style Taipei Taiwan yellow T-shirt Zhongxiao Dunhua Zhongxiao Fuxing

Judy’s gun

Judy was at the intersection of Zhongxiao Fuxing Rd. to Zhongxiao Dunhua Rd. when I spotted her and her strong outfit.

She was wearing a yellow printed T-shirt, high-waisted black miniskirt, striped tights, and Adidas black sneakers. Judy’s complements were black leather bracelets, a black beanie with ears, and a black chain purse with a silver gun printed on it, which you can see better in the second picture.

A Rockable Day Adidas Fashion girl gradient jeans shorts Jansport pink shirt street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan white polka dots

Cute Daisy

This cute girl is Daisy, a student that I met last Saturday in the music festival A Rockable Day.

She was wearing a soft pink shirt with white polka dots, gradient jeans shorts, checked socks and white Adidas sneakers with a red bow printed on the side. Daisy’s complements were a watch, a pair of big black sunglasses and a blue denim Jansport backpack with some copper-coloured flowers.

Daisy speaks English very well because she lived in Australia, and she also has a blog (in Chinese).