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Taipei In Style, 2nd Day

Last week, from 15th to 17th, was celebrated in Taipei the Taipei In Style trade fair. Exhibitions, seminars, house shows, truck shows,… and I was there with my Press Pass! After the 1st day, that you can see here, let’s continue with Day 2!

The first house show was by NEW GEN and it comprehended the collections of Chun Ting Liu, Eve Lin, Myne and Crystal Wang. Here you can see each one:

Chun Ting Liu:

Eve Lin:

– Myne:

Crystal Wang:

Then there was the first trunk show by Mixing your Fashion in bLender. Here you have some photos of their collection:

KERAIA was the second house show and these are some of the designs that were showed:

Then, there was another house show by Yenline with two parts. First, one by Alexander King Chen and then one by Yen Lin Hsu:

– Alexander King Chen:

– The part by Yen Lin Hsu had a violonist and a dj playing during the whole time and a group of dancers at the beginning and at the end of the show:

What do you think? Which is your favorite collection?