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Ariel was with a friend attending the Taipei In Style fashion fair when her outfit caught my eye.

She was wearing a long grey cardigan over a black asymmetric top, sheer at the lower part, high-waisted cropped trousers with floral print, and black shoes. Ariel’s complements were some bracelets and rings, a long necklace, and a black and beige leather handbag.

Aninka Miller asymmetric handmade interview jewelry online shop rosaries Vanitopia Noon

VAnitopia Noon’s launch and interview

My friend Aninka is a fashion designer and she has just opened her own online shop, VAnitopia Noon (in English and Spanish), where you can find beautiful jewelry, accesories,…

I would like that you know a little bit more about Aninka and her project, and we thought an interview would be the best way! Read it and don’t forget to take a look at the website!

Who is Aninka Miller?
Aninka Miller is a Spanish designer and illustrator with a passion for fashion, cinema and any kind of art.

When does VAnitopia Noon start and why? Which is the philosophy and concept of VAnitopia Noon?
VAnitopia Noon is the outcome of a long journey. Its founder, Aninka Miller, studied fashion design in Madrid, and after several years working for different companies both in Spain and abroad, decided to realize a dream: that’s how started VAnitopia Noon, 100% Spanish brand whose sole intention is to join Art & Fashion and transmit the bright side of life.

In VAnitopia Noon you can find all kinds of accessories, scarves, handbags, sunglasses etc. …. To highlight, the collection of handcrafted jewelry made by the designer, based largely on a set of asymmetries and mixing of different types of chains and links.

Do you do collections, orders or both?
I make small collections almost every week in very limited editions to offer exclusive news constantly. If a client is interested in doing something custom made, also can contact me through the website or Facebook.

What has Vanitopia Noon brought to you?
Vanitopia Noon is my own personal project, is my baby. Anything that involves this project is done with great care and great enthusiasm. And that’s what I want to transmit to my clients with my collections.

What projects do you have for the future VAnitopia Noon?
Gradually enlarger the jewelry and accessories collection. As well as a collection of shirts and bags with original artwork.

Where can we find VAnitopia Noon things?
For sale, exclusively online at the official website of VAnitopia Noon:

Which is your favorite piece and why?
The collection of Earrings fully asymmetric and Rosaries.

I’ve always taken my grandmother’s rosaries to combine them with more casual looks, I like the mix, so I decided to make my own by combining them with different types of beads and trinkets, and not only use crosses.

On the other hand I love seeing my clients with asymmetrical earrings because I have no holes to wear them!

Which is your social media presence?
VAnitopia Noon is present on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.