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ballerinas dress Fashion floral print girl Misako satchel Spain street style Taipei Taiwan

White and blue dress

This beautiful and smiling girl is my friend Andrea. She is from La Coruña (Spain) but she lives in Taipei like me. Some weeks ago she was kind enough to let me photograph her!

Andrea was wearing a sleeveless white dress with a blue floral print that her mother bought for her, and blue ballerinas. Her complements were some bracelets and a white satchel bag from Misako.

bag ballerinas black leggings dress Fashion girl Japan Osaka street style Taipei Taiwan Tennoji

Dress with leggings

Mitona was in Osaka with a friend (who also starred a post here) when I met her in the park in front of Tennoji Station, where Osaka’s Oktoberfest was being celebrated.

Mitona was wearing a dress with the back in a light pink and a black & white print on the front, black leggings and black ballerinas with golden toe. Her complements were just her earrings and a grey bag.

ballerinas bandana black leggings blue tank top denim jacket Fashion girl green scarf street style Swedish


Bettina is a beautiful Swedish girl that I met while I was in Dublin, and now she is spending some time in Barcelona. One day we met in Tarragona and enjoyed the day together.

She was wearing a light blue tank top, light denim jacket, black leggings, and black ballerinas with small golden studs at the tip. Bettina’s complements were a brown and black leather handbag, a green printed scarf, and a bandana with a yellow and blue print.