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Barcelona black bag black skirt Fashion girl golden Marc Jacobs watch sandals street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan white blouse

Golden details

Anissa lives and works as a personal shopper in Barcelona, where I met her.

She was wearing a white blouse with pearl buttons, a long black skirt, and black and silver flat sandals. Her complements were a black leather bag, big black sunglasses, pearl earrings, two golden star rings, some bracelets, and a golden Marc Jacobs watch.

Adidas bag Barcelona black-rimmed glasses Fashion girl moccasins shorts street striped top style Taipei Taiwan vintage


This cute girl is Venus and I met her a few months ago in Barcelona, at the top of the beautiful Passeig de GrĂ cia.

Venus was wearing a striped top in dark blue and white, high waisted light denim shorts tied at the waist, and brown leather moccasins. Her complements were a silver watch, some bracelets, black-rimmed glasses, a golden necklace with her name, and a vintage white Adidas bag.

Barcelona boy Fashion floral print mirrored lenses Paris sandals short sleeve shirt straw hat street style Taipei Taiwan yellow shorts

Short sleeve shirt with big flowers

Mboko is from Paris but he was spending some days in Barcelona when his style caught my attention and I met him.

He was wearing a white short sleeve shirt with big flowers print, yellow shorts, and brown leather sandals. Mboko’s complements were a brown leather belt, some bracelets, a watch, mirrored lenses, black rimmed glasses, and a straw hat.

2013 articles Barcelona Fashion Ireland Japan photos South Korea Spain street style Taipei Taiwan

The best of 2013

2013 has been a great year for the blog! Step by step and with usually 2 posts per week, the number of visits and comments is growing more and more everyday. I’m really happy for it and I would like to thank everybody who visits the blog, because you encourage me to keep working on it and improving my photos and articles.

This year I’ve been many months in Spain, then in September I came back to Taipei but I have also traveled to Ireland, Japan and South Korea. I would like to start this recap of my favorites photos of the year by also mentioning the three most read articles published this year:

1. Intense gaze (
2. Taipei In Style, 2nd Day (
3. For the rain (

And then, it has been really difficult to choose, but here you have my 10 favorite photos of 2013: