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Adidas beanie chain purse Fashion girl gun high-waisted leather bracelets miniskirt street striped tights style Taipei Taiwan yellow T-shirt Zhongxiao Dunhua Zhongxiao Fuxing

Judy’s gun

Judy was at the intersection of Zhongxiao Fuxing Rd. to Zhongxiao Dunhua Rd. when I spotted her and her strong outfit.

She was wearing a yellow printed T-shirt, high-waisted black miniskirt, striped tights, and Adidas black sneakers. Judy’s complements were black leather bracelets, a black beanie with ears, and a black chain purse with a silver gun printed on it, which you can see better in the second picture.

Arenas Mall Barcelona beanie black hoodie black jeans denim jacket Fashion girl hoop earrings leather sleeves Nike sneakers red lips Spain street style Taipei Taiwan

Denim with leather sleeves jacket

For different reasons, I will be in Spain for a while and I will try to show you how people dress also here, combining pictures made in Taiwan and in Spain in the blog.

I met Montse in Barcelona, near the Arenas Mall. She was wearing a white T-shirt, a The North Face black hoodie, a denim jacket with black leather sleeves, black jeans and Nike sneakers. Her complements were a piercing in the nose, silver hoop earrings and a black beanie, so fashionable lately. As you can see, what also highlights a lot are her red lips.