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big black sunglasses black leggings black T-shirt boy Fashion golden bracelet golden necklace leather shorts Samsung camera silver purse sneakers street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan white shirt

Black and white

Last week was the Taipei In Style fashion fair and I will be soon posting photos about the house shows I attended. There I met Oscar, he was with a friend (who will also star a post very soon), and his style immediately caught my eye.

He was wearing a black T-shirt over a white buttoned shirt, black leather shorts, black leggings, and black and white sneakers. Oscar’s complements were his Samsung camera, big black sunglasses, some golden necklaces, a golden bracelet, and a silver handbag.

black belt black T-shirt boy denim vest Fashion jeans key rings maroon shoes night market Shida street studs style Taipei Taiwan tattoo

Black and denim Sean

Sean was outside of a shop in the Shida Night Market talking with some friends when I saw him.

He was wearing a light denim vest with some studs over a black T-shirt, jeans, striped socks and maroon shoes. Sean’s complements were a black belt (also with some studs), a key chain hanging from his waist with keys and key rings, piercing in each ear, and a golden cross hanging in a golden necklace from his neck. As you can see, he also has some tatoos in his arms.

black T-shirt Chanel Fashion girl leather purse mustard Songshan Cultural Park street style Taipei Taiwan tied Vivienne Westwood wide pants

Black and mustard flower

花花 (Hua Hua, which means “flower”) was with a friend (who will star a near post) in Songshan Cultural Park, where the Chanel’s exhibition “The little black jacket” was taking place.

She was wearing a black T-shirt, mustard wide pants tied at the waist and tight to the ankle, and black sandals with platform. 花花’s complements were a silver necklace, some bracelets and rings, and a beautiful black leather purse from Vivienne Westwood.

black T-shirt boy by the knee camera Fashion Former American Consulate grey plaid sneakers straw hat street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongshan

Like a tourist

潤澤明亮 (Rùnzé míngliàng) was walking in the streets near by the Former American Consulate in Taipei (now a cultural centre with cafeterias, shop, cinema, etc.) in Zhongshan MRT area.

He was wearing a black T-shirt, grey trousers by the knee and plaid sneakers. 潤澤明亮 (Rùnzé míngliàng)’s complements were a ring, a bracelet, a black watch, a black bag and a straw hat. For the camera hanging on his neck, you can see that he is also a fan of photography.