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black trousers Estée Lauder handbag Fashion girl grey coat shirt silver shoes street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongxiao Dunhua


Ashley was walking with a friend by the streets in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area when I met her. She is 26 years old and works as an administrative.

Ashley was wearing a grey coat, a black and white plaid shirt with white pocket and collar, black trousers, and silver shoes that she bought in Kaoshiung. Her only complement was a big handbag from Estée Lauder.

black trousers cummerbund Fashion girl handbag Longchamp navy blue necklace night market nude sandals satin-style Shilin street style Taipei Taiwan trims Zhongxiao Dunhua Zhongxiao Fuxing

Statement necklace

宜娟 (Yi Juān) was in the area between Zhongxiao Fuxing and Zhongxiao Dunhua when I met her.

She was wearing a top in nude colour with black and golden trims on the arms, black trousers with a satin-style cummerbund, and white sandals with precious stones. Her complements were a navy blue Longchamp handbag, earrings, a lace in the hair and a statement necklace in golden, red and blue colours, bought in the Shilin Night Market.

badges black backpack black trousers black-rimmed glasses boy Fashion Frida Kahlo friendship bracelets printed jacket red watch ring Shida street style Taipei Taiwan troll

Frida Kahlo on Xavier’s T-shirt

When I saw Xavier in Shida Road, I thought he has an unique and original sense of style.

He was wearing a jacket printed with countryside motifs (houses, trees, …), with red collar, a blue and yellow T-shirt with Frida Kahlo’s face, black trousers, socks with yellow, black and white stripes, and brown shoes.

Xavier’s complements were a red watch, some friendship bracelets, a very original ring, black-rimmed glasses and a black backpack, decorated with big badges and an orange troll.