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bow Fashion girl glasses without glass hood leopard print night market padded vest rabbit tail Shida street style Taipei Taiwan

Rabbit tail

Orange was going to the Shida Night Market with a friend when I met her.

She was wearing a white winter padded vest with hood, a black shirt, blue trousers with leopard print and black boots. As complements, a dark yellow bag and black-rimmed glasses without glass (very fashionable among Taiwanese girls). It is worth paying attention to a couple of details that are in Orange’s vest: a big pink bow on the hood and a red rabbit tail on her back. I even asked if she had added these details by herself, but Orange said they came with the vest.

beads blue jacket bow colourful complements Fashion feathers girl maroon dress night market rolled up dark grey jeans Shida silver buttons street style Taipei Taiwan

Sainy’s eye-catching details

Sainy was working in the Shida Night Market when I saw her and her bow between all the mountains of clothes.

Sainy is wearing a blue jacket with silver buttons, a maroon dress, rolled up dark grey jeans and brown shoes. Her complements are quite colourful: a long necklace with feathers and beads, one green-yellow-red earring and a scarf tied in a bow helping to hold her hair.

Arnold Palmer sneakers blue skirt bow Fashion girl hat pastel pink shirt satchel street style Taipei Taiwan white polka dots Zhongxiao Dunhua

Sweet Min Xin

When I met 鄭旻欣 (Zheng Min Xin), she was walking with a friend (you can see the post she starred here) near Zhongxiao Dunhua.

鄭旻欣 (Zheng Min Xin) is wearing a pastel pink shirt over a blue skirt with white polka dots, black tights, red socks and Arnold Palmer grey sneakers. As complements, a light brown hat, a necklace with a bright bow pendant and a colourful satchel combining pink, blue, brown, golden and white. Even her mobile phone’s case is very colourful!

black tights bow brown boots brown straw hat cloth bag dark blue skirt Fashion flowers Japanese girl military jacket polka dots street style Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan airport umbrella white lace

A cute Japanese traveller

I met this nice Japanese girl in Taoyuan Airport (Taiwan’s International Airport) when she was flying back to Japan.

I immediately thought that she has a lovely style: military green jacket, dark blue skirt with small white polka dots, yellow, orange and green flowers, and delicate white lace on the low, black tights and brown boots.
As complements, she was wearing a brown straw hat with a brown and white bow on the left side, a plaid red cloth bag and a white umbrella with yellow polka dots.