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3/4 sleeves ankle boots blouse cap Fashion girl Makati Manila miniskirt Philippines street studded handbag style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan UK United Kingdom vest

Black & White

Seana was walking with a friend when I met her in Makati, although Seana told me that she lives in the United Kingdom.

Seana was wearing a black leather vest over a white blouse with 3/4 sleeves, a black miniskirt, and black ankle boots with golden zippers. Her complements were a white watch, big sunglasses, a black cap, and a black studded handbag which she bought in the UK.

black boy cap cut off shorts Fashion piercings street style tags Taipei Taipower Building MRT Taiwan Viking Weekend Fever

Jacky and the Viking T-shirt

Jacky N. Ding was with his friend Mollie near Taipower Building MRT and he also collaborates in Weekend Fever, a very interesting organization.

He was wearing a black T-shirt with the drawing of a bloody Viking, black jeans cut off shorts, black socks and black sneakers. Jacky’s complements were some bracelets, a black backpack with some tags, two piercings in his left ear and a black cap.

boy camera cap Converse earflaps Fashion night market scarf Shida street style Taipei Taiwan

Ansel, a collector of cameras

I met Ansel in the Shida Night Market and we were talking about photography. As you can see, he carries a camera around his chest, but he also carries another in his shoulder. He is wearing a deep red cap with earflaps (that day the weather was so cold!), half frame glasses, brown sweater and trousers, white Converse and a long yellow scarf.

buckle shoes cap cardigan Fashion girls high-waisted night market ring Shida street style Taipei Taiwan tights

Yaya, Amanda and the buckle shoes

I met Yaya (振庭) and Amanda in the Shida Night Market. Yaya (振庭), on the left, was wearing a black cap, a long blue striped shirt, a dark grey cardigan, black tights and several complements such as a piercing in her ear, a beautiful ring and some bracelets. Amanda was wearing a cardigan in red, a dark shirt inside her high-waisted short jeans and tights. Both girls were wearing buckle black shoes, although Yaya (振庭) with 2 buckles and covered, and Amanda with 3 and uncovered.