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black tights Ca4la Chloe handbag Converse denim jacket Fashion girl hat high waist plaid skirt street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongxiao Dunhua


吳映璇 or Momo is 26 years old student and was walking by the streets of Zhongxiao Dunhua with a friend when I met her.

She was wearing a denim jacket over a black top, high waist black and white plaid skirt, black tights, and black Converse sneakers. Her complements were a black and white handbag from Chloe and a brown and black hat from Ca4la.

boy Chinese button shirt Converse Fashion grey jeans JUICE Taipei model street style Taipei Taiwan Traveler United States Zhongxiao Dunhua

An American model in Taipei II

This handsome boy is Ray, a student from United States who also works as a model quite often. I’m sure you have seen him in large ads from a travel clothing brand, for example in the MRT (you can see it below).

I spotted Ray in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area. He said he sometimes goes there because of all the restaurants and shops, as the store from which he carries a shopping bag, JUICE Taipei (you can check their website here). Ray was wearing sunglasses, a Chinese button shirt in light blue from Clot, grey jeans, and total black Converse.

black leggings canvas handbag Converse dark khaki Dublin Fashion girl red satchel Seqtea sequin sleeve jacket street style Taipei Taiwan

Sequin sleeve jacket

Lucy, this smiling girl, was at the streets near the St. Patrick’s Park, in Dublin, when I met her.

She was wearing a Seqtea dark khaki sequin sleeve jacket (as seen in here) that she bought in London, a blue sweater with a “The little mermaid” print over a light denim shirt, black leggings, and blue Converse.

Her complements were a light green canvas handbag, Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, and a red satchel with white polka dots.

I have to say that she wasn’t the only girl that I saw with this jacket! Coincidence or trend? 🙂

boy Converse cropped trousers Fashion hat Songshan Cultural Park street striped shirt style Taipei Taiwan

Boy with hat

FPT was with her friend 花花 (Hua Hua, which means “flower”, and who also starred a post herein Songshan Cultural Park, where the Chanel’s exhibition “The little black jacket” was taking place.

He was wearing a vertical striped shirt in red, white and blue, khaki cropped trousers, and black Converse. FPT’s complements were a black handbag, black watch, bracelet, piercing, and a dark grey hat.

3/4 length trousers Converse Fashion girl night market printed rabbit earrings Shida street style Taipei Taiwan waterfall cardigan yellow top

Rabbit earrings

This amusing girl was walking by the Shida night market streets with a friend when I met her.

She was wearing a white waterfall cardigan, over a yellow top tied at the waist, and a white tank top under it, 3/4 length printed trousers and white Converse. Her complements were a white watch, a light brown bag, some bracelets, a silver necklace with a cross and original rabbit earrings, a very funny detail that you can appreciate better on the second photo.