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black shoes blouse cropped trousers embroidered fair Fashion girl satchel street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan

Violet satchel

Roxanne is rom Taipei and she was attending the Taipei In Style fashion fair (you can read my posts about it here) when I met her.

She was wearing a white blouse with short sleeves and embroidered details on the top part, black cropped trousers, and black shoes (that she bought online). Her complements were a bracelet and a violet satchel bag, the color touch in this outfit.

asymmetric black shoes cardigan cropped trousers Fashion floral print girl leather handbag necklace sheer street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan


Ariel was with a friend attending the Taipei In Style fashion fair when her outfit caught my eye.

She was wearing a long grey cardigan over a black asymmetric top, sheer at the lower part, high-waisted cropped trousers with floral print, and black shoes. Ariel’s complements were some bracelets and rings, a long necklace, and a black and beige leather handbag.

black-rimmed glasses boy cropped trousers Fashion raspberry sweater street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan white shirt

Black stars

Jack was with two friends (who will also star a post soon) in the Taipei In Style trade fair. The three of them were really nice and we even took a picture together the next day.

He was wearing a white shirt with some black stars in the left side, a sweater in raspberry color knotted on his shoulders, blue cropped trousers, and dark shoes. Jack’s complements were some bracelets, black-rimmed glasses and a small black briefcase.

Barcelona cropped trousers Fashion girl Gracia military green coat original shoes snake print street style Taipei Taiwan turtleneck

Original shoes

Nona was waiting near the Zona Universitaria subway entrance, in Barcelona, when I met her.

Nona was wearing a black and military green wide coat, dark green turtleneck sweater, gray cropped trousers, black socks, and very original green, brown and with snake print shoes, that she bought in the GrĂ cia district.