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blue boat shoes cute dots dress Fashion girl Hua Shan Creative Park socks street style Taipei Taiwan yellow

Blue and yellow girl

I met this cute girl in the Hua Shan Creative Park, a very nice place to spend a Sunday afternoon with restaurants, clothes stalls, food and drink vans, etc.

She was wearing a dress, blue with small yellow dots at the front and yellow at the back. In the front it has a small yellow pocket with white lace at the top. Then, black tights, blue and yellow socks (with yellow dots in the blue part) and brown leather boat shoes. Her only complement was a blue backpack.

black shorts black tights buttoned shirt cute deep red Fashion knit sweater street style Taipei Taiwan two-tone shoes Uniqlo Zhongxiao Dunhua

A cute day style

Yu Ru Peng was inside the Uniqlo shop in Zhongxiao Dunhua and, in a place so full of clothes, she caught my attention because of her cute style.

She is wearing a deep red knit sweater over a light blue buttoned shirt. At the bottom, Yu Ru Peng wears black shorts with black tights, and two-tone shoes in black and gray. As a complement, only a red purse. Cute and perfect for the day!

asymmetrical black butterflies brown bag brown belt brown boots cute Fashion jeans long shirt lovely natural night market printed Shida street style Taipei Taiwan

Black butterflies

Stephanie was with some friends in the Shida Market, enjoying the beautiful weather.

She was wearing a cute long and asymmetrical shirt, in natural colour with printed black butterflies, over a pair of jeans and heeled brown boots to the knee. About the complements, a brown bag, a brown belt tightening her shirt, a key pendant, a bracelet and a black watch. All very natural and lovely 🙂