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boots denim shirt dress envelope purse ethnic print Fashion floral print girl hat night market Shida street style Taipei Taiwan tights

Ethnic print

This smiling girl is 陳家翊 (Chén Jiā Yì), and I met her on a sunny day in the Shida night market.

She was wearing a shirt with floral print buttoned to the top, a dress with ethnic print, a denim shirt, dark tights, printed large socks, and brown boots. Her complements were a dark brown hat, colourful necklace and bracelets, and a big black leather envelope purse.

black black-rimmed glasses brogues Converse denim shirt dress Fashion girls golden buttons puffed sleves Shida shorts street style Taipei Taiwan tights

A couple of stylish girls in Shida

Jasmine and Ina were walking by Shida Road on a beautiful afternoon when I met them.

Jasmine, on the left, was wearing a black dress with puffed sleeves and with the buttons and the neck trim in golden colour, black tights and black brogues. Her complements, a bag also in black, a bracelet and a watch.

Ina, on the right, was wearing a denim shirt with the shirt cuffs and a part of the shoulders in brown leather, black shorts, black tights and black Converse. Her complements, a brown leather belt, black-rimmed glasses and black backpack.

black tights Christmas denim shirt Fashion girl leopard print mistletoe Nike original reindeers Santa Claus sneakers stars street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongxiao Dunhua

Merry Christmas shirt!

When I met Pee Pee near Zhongxiao Dunhua it wasn’t Christmas, not even December, it was April. That’s why I was so surprised by her outfit.

Pee Pee was wearing a long denim shirt full of Christmas details everywhere: Santa Claus, Christmas trees, stars, reindeers, mistletoe, and many more! Black tights and very original Nike sneakers with leopard print complemented the look.

I asked Pee Pee if she customized the shirt by herself, but she said it was like this when she bought it!

black purse black-rimmed glasses brown leather case Canon denim shirt Fashion girl maroon hat maroon skinny pants red cardigan red heels street style Taipei Taiwan V sign Zhongxiao Dunhua zipper

Lovely Demi

When I saw Demi in Zhongxiao Dunhua, I thought she has a really cute style.

Demi was wearing a long red cardigan, a long denim shirt tight at the waist with a black belt, maroon skinny pants with zipper in the low and red heels.
Her complements were a maroon hat, black-rimmed glasses, earrings, a golden pendant with her name, a black purse and a Canon camera with a brown leather case.

With her hair in two buns/pigtails and doing the V sign, isn’t she lovely?