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Españoles en el mundo

black-rimmed glasses boy Converse Españoles en el mundo Fashion satchel shorts street striped T-shirt style Taipei Taiwan TV white shirt Ximen

Green satchel

I hope you all have a great 2013! I’m enjoying these holidays with my family in Spain and I wish you are enjoying these days too!

Let’s start the year with a boy! I met 葉靀軒 (Yè Méng Xuān) in the Ximen area, while I was with the people of the Spanish TV program Españoles en el mundo” (Spanish people in the world).

He was wearing a white shirt over a white and black striped T-shirt, light green shorts, and red Converse. His complements were black-rimmed glasses, a big watch and an amazing green satchel bag.

black bag black bowtie black hat black shorts black-rimmed glasses boy Españoles en el mundo Fashion flower print gray vest key chain red shoes shirt street style Taipei Taiwan TV white rabbit Ximen

Black hat and bowtie

You may remember 李憨森 (Li hān sēn) from my appearance in a Spanish TV program, Españoles en el mundo, we were in the Ximen area when we met him.

李憨森 (Li hān sēn) was wearing a gray vest over a short sleeve white shirt with small flower print, black shorts to the knee, and red shoes. The complements to the outfit were a black hat, black-rimmed glasses, a black bowtie, a black belt, a black bag, and a lots of key chains hanging on his waist, including some chess pieces and a small white rabbit.

Españoles en el mundo Fashion street style Taipei Taiwan TV

Appearance in the Spanish TV

It’s called “Españoles en el mundo” (Spanish people in the world) and it is one of the most viewed programs in Spain, and it is also viewed in Central and South America. In it, they mix travel guide with personal stories of Spanish people living abroad.

This summer, a friend told me that the program was thinking in coming to Taiwan and I wrote them. In July they contacted me and, luckily, I was one of the 6 people selected to appear.
Finally, last Thursday the program was broadcast on TV in Spain, but it is also available online (only in Spanish, sorry). Here you have my part:
Españoles en el mundo -Taiwan – Gemma

And here you have the full program:

Españoles en el mundo – Taiwán