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ballerinas dress Fashion floral print girl Misako satchel Spain street style Taipei Taiwan

White and blue dress

This beautiful and smiling girl is my friend Andrea. She is from La Coruña (Spain) but she lives in Taipei like me. Some weeks ago she was kind enough to let me photograph her!

Andrea was wearing a sleeveless white dress with a blue floral print that her mother bought for her, and blue ballerinas. Her complements were some bracelets and a white satchel bag from Misako.

asymmetric black shoes cardigan cropped trousers Fashion floral print girl leather handbag necklace sheer street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan


Ariel was with a friend attending the Taipei In Style fashion fair when her outfit caught my eye.

She was wearing a long grey cardigan over a black asymmetric top, sheer at the lower part, high-waisted cropped trousers with floral print, and black shoes. Ariel’s complements were some bracelets and rings, a long necklace, and a black and beige leather handbag.

Barcelona boy Fashion floral print mirrored lenses Paris sandals short sleeve shirt straw hat street style Taipei Taiwan yellow shorts

Short sleeve shirt with big flowers

Mboko is from Paris but he was spending some days in Barcelona when his style caught my attention and I met him.

He was wearing a white short sleeve shirt with big flowers print, yellow shorts, and brown leather sandals. Mboko’s complements were a brown leather belt, some bracelets, a watch, mirrored lenses, black rimmed glasses, and a straw hat.

boy briefcase colorful hair cropped jeans Fashion flashy floral print grey shoes shirt street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan vintage


Let’s start 2014 with a Rainbow, as this is the name of today’s post star. He was attending the Taipei In Style fashion fair with two friends (one of them, Jack, already starred a post here).

Rainbow was wearing a white shirt with a floral print in purple and yellow, a blue sweater knotted on his shoulders, cropped jeans, dark socks, and grey shoes. His complements were a piercing on his left ear, a brown leather watch, and a vintage brown leather briefcase, although the most flashy element was his colorful hair, in blonde and fuchsia colors.

boots denim shirt dress envelope purse ethnic print Fashion floral print girl hat night market Shida street style Taipei Taiwan tights

Ethnic print

This smiling girl is 陳家翊 (Chén Jiā Yì), and I met her on a sunny day in the Shida night market.

She was wearing a shirt with floral print buttoned to the top, a dress with ethnic print, a denim shirt, dark tights, printed large socks, and brown boots. Her complements were a dark brown hat, colourful necklace and bracelets, and a big black leather envelope purse.