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For the rain…

I am collaborating with the Spanish blog Yuanfang Magazine. As they use Spanish, here you have another of my articles for them translated into English. You can read the Spanish version here. I hope you like it! 🙂


Because of its subtropical climate, Taipei is a city where it rains throughout the year. But the city is ready for it and does not stop at any time. Most streets have porticoes, and umbrellas and raincoats are sold in all convenience stores that are scattered throughout the city.

Its inhabitants are also prepared and do not change their day to day because of the rain. In my case, I’m not afraid to cringe, but when it rains I would rather like to stay home and watch the rain comfortably from my couch through the windows.

As this is not always possible and you have to go outside yes or yes, I noticed that many Taiwanese girls and women wear flip flops when it rains. As they have told me when I asked them, they use flip flops because it is a very clear way to not spoil the shoes with the water.

Usually the flip flops that they wear are plastic and with wedge, although there are also flat, shiny or not, with different patterns, colors, etc.. Here high-heeled shoes or sneakers with wedge, such a trend in recent months, are very common, so why the flip flops would not have height too?

For who does not like wet feet, especially with the puddles, the other majority choice for rainy days are the rain boots. Its use is increasing and it is easy to find wellies in night markets and shops. They are practical and have also become a new and trendy complement. They are in all colors, prints and prices, with or without wedge, etc., to suit all styles and budgets.

Of course, the best known brand of this type of footwear and with more presence here is Hunter. The British brand has several shops and distribution points in the city, and the fact that a few years ago did a collaboration with Jimmy Choo or that it is the favorite of the celebrities, only increases its popularity among girls eager to follow the fashion and that enjoy watching and commenting on the style of the celebrities who wear them.

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Intense gaze

As I announced before, I am collaborating with the Spanish blog Yuanfang Magazine. As they use Spanish, here you have my first article for them translated into English. You can read the Spanish version here. I hope you like it! 🙂


Now I’m in Spain for a while, so I’m not as up-to-date with the day-to-day in Taiwan. That is why I will tell you one of the things that struck me about the style of the Taiwanese girls when I got there.

Before living in Taipei I knew clichés about “Asia” (which sometimes are discussed as if we were talking about the next village) that have turned out not to be true. Each country is different and its people as well.

In Taiwan it is the same. There are differences in weight, hair, eyes, etc.. There are Taiwanese girls with small eyes and some like it but others not so much. One trend among the latter is that they want to have a gaze that makes their eyes seem larger.

And they do not hesitate to use products, techniques or even surgery for it.

Without going into more specific topics about makeup, the most common products used and that are easier to find (even in night markets) are:

– Rounded lenses: to make the iris look larger, have a border around it.
– False eyelashes: here are starting to be used, but not to the level I’ve seen in Taiwan. For girls who have short and sparse eyelashes, false eyelashes thicken the naturals and give depth to the gaze.
That said, I will leave you with some example pictures:
For more information:
Here’s a couple of links with many of the existing rounded lenses and false eyelashes models to give you a little idea of ​​the variety out there:
Barcelona Billabong jacket black scarf black tights black-rimmed glasses boots Fashion girls gray tights green parka leopard print lining snood street striped jersey style Taipei Taiwan

Casual fashion friends

These two friends are Cristina (on the left) and Laura (on the right), and I met them near the Sants Station in Barcelona.

Cristina was wearing a printed Billabong jacket, printed gray tights, and brown boots. Her complements were a black scarf, a handbag and crossed handbag.

Laura was wearing a green parka with leopard print lining, striped jersey in brown tones over a long gray shirt, black tights, and red boots. Her complements were black-rimmed glasses and a black snood.

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Girls and Tattoos

After a short absence due to personal reasons, I’m back! Here is an article that I have written fo Avenue about girls and tattoos. I hope you like it!

Girls and Tattoos

By Gemma Vidal
The practice of tattooing is as old as human history. However, in recent years, tattoos have been progressively incorporated into our society for fulfilling purely aesthetic and artistic expression purposes. I have always thought that tattoos are a mysterious thing, full of questions. Why do people get a tattoo? When do they decide to do it? How do they decide what to tattoo? And where? Is it painful? (My pain threshold is very low!) Have they ever regretted getting it? I guess you have already figured that I have none!
It seems that for girls, stars are on top of the list of the most popular tattoos. Usually, they are combined with other designs but you can also see stars-only ones. In my opinion, small stars are an elegant choice.
imageTattoos of flowers are trendy among girls too, and I think that they are particularly attractive due to the variety of colors used in them. 
Swallows and other birds. Generally, all birds look great as a tattoos.
Butterflies tattoos are also quite frequent among girls. Most of them think they are very feminine.
Kanji tattoos. Japanese drawings and Japanese and Chinese characters are extremely popular as well. Many people want to know their name in Chinese or Japanese to get it tattooed I recommend consulting an expert before doing it to avoid making terrible mistakes. You don’t want to have a tattoo that makes no sense, or one that says something stupid!
Tattoos always catch my eye, whether I consider them beautiful or ugly, big or small. Of course it is a totally personal decision; each person will have to live with it for the rest of his/her life unless it is removed with laser. But please, think twice before doing it!
Here you have some examples of what I consider bad tattoo choices: 
Faces: I find them scary and creepy.
 Fairies: They are childish and corny, not cute at all.
Cartoons: Naif and childish. It is becoming more common for adults (including myself) to watch cartoons, but from that to getting a tattoo there is a big step.
Tattoos are part of the image that you want to give to others, like your hairstyle or the clothes you wear. But these two are not permanent; you can change them several times a day. That’s why I emphasize the importance of thinking carefully before doing it wait until you are 100% sure.
backpack brogues Canon camera Fashion girls plaid shirt red hat short jeans street stripes style Taipei Taiwan white and black polka dots Ximen yellow skinny jeans

Backpack couple

Let’s start December with these cute girls that I met in the Ximen area, in the Red House weekend’s market.

林于婷 (Lín yútíng), on the left, was wearing a red and white plaid shirt, yellow skinny jeans and brown and beige brogues. Her complements were a white watch, glasses and a red hat.

李雅文 (Li yǎwén), on the right, was wearing a T-shirt with white and black polka dots and stripes, short jeans, brown socks and brown, yellow and blue brogues. Her complements were glasses and a Canon camera.

As a curiosity, both had the same backpack, 林于婷 (Lín yútíng) in blue and orange, and 李雅文 (Li yǎwén) in orange and yellow.