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black black-rimmed blue coloured Converse Fashion glasses grey night market orange pendant pink Shida street striped style sweater Taipei Taiwan yellow

龍農 (Longnong) and the colourful sweater

龍農 (Longnong) was walking with his friends in the Shida Night Market. He is wearing all black (black hat, black-rimmed glasses, black coat, black trousers, black Converse) except for the coloured striped sweater (blue, pink, orange and grey) and the yellow pendant. Maybe if you see him from behind, his look could seem quite common, but the sweater really makes a difference!

boy Burberry Fashion glasses plaid shirt raincoat satchel scarf Simple Market street style Taipei Taiwan tortoiseshell-rimmed

Ben on a sunny winter day

Ben was in the Simple Market, near the Taipei 101, where on the weekends you can find some stalls selling jewelry, clothes, old cameras… It was a sunny day, that’s why he didn’t have his beige Burberry raincoat on. Ben was wearing a black & white plaid shirt, black trousers and black shoes. About the complements: an also black satchel, a black, white & grey plaid scarf, watch and tortoiseshell-rimmed glasses.