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black tights Ca4la Chloe handbag Converse denim jacket Fashion girl hat high waist plaid skirt street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongxiao Dunhua


吳映璇 or Momo is 26 years old student and was walking by the streets of Zhongxiao Dunhua with a friend when I met her.

She was wearing a denim jacket over a black top, high waist black and white plaid skirt, black tights, and black Converse sneakers. Her complements were a black and white handbag from Chloe and a brown and black hat from Ca4la.

boy Converse cropped trousers Fashion hat Songshan Cultural Park street striped shirt style Taipei Taiwan

Boy with hat

FPT was with her friend 花花 (Hua Hua, which means “flower”, and who also starred a post herein Songshan Cultural Park, where the Chanel’s exhibition “The little black jacket” was taking place.

He was wearing a vertical striped shirt in red, white and blue, khaki cropped trousers, and black Converse. FPT’s complements were a black handbag, black watch, bracelet, piercing, and a dark grey hat.

boots denim shirt dress envelope purse ethnic print Fashion floral print girl hat night market Shida street style Taipei Taiwan tights

Ethnic print

This smiling girl is 陳家翊 (Chén Jiā Yì), and I met her on a sunny day in the Shida night market.

She was wearing a shirt with floral print buttoned to the top, a dress with ethnic print, a denim shirt, dark tights, printed large socks, and brown boots. Her complements were a dark brown hat, colourful necklace and bracelets, and a big black leather envelope purse.