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ankle boots Fashion headband Japanese girl maroon blouse Osaka printed trousers street style Taipei Taiwan Tokyo

Orange headband

Yukie is from Tokyo and she was with her boyfriend Yuki (who also starred a post here) spending some days in Osaka, where I met them.

She was wearing a maroon blouse over a black top, black and white printed trousers, and black ankle boots. Her complements were a black purse, a necklace, big earrings, and an orange headband.

A Rockable Day ankle boots black hat black tights blue shirt brown skirt Canon camera Fashion girls headband moccasins sleeveless street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan wide black dress

Friends with different styles

Zara Chen & 薛媛 (Xuē yuàn) were together in the music festival A Rockable Day. I had already spotted them in the waiting line for the shuttle bus, but it was too crowded to take pictures there. So I was very happy when I saw them again in the festival area. Their styles are different from each other, but special in their own way.

Zara, on the left, was wearing a sleeveless blue shirt, with transparencies on the top, a light brown skirt by the knee, with floral print, and brown moccasins. Her complements were some bracelets, a red headband and her Canon camera.

薛媛 (Xuē yuàn), on the right, was wearing an almost total black look. Her outfit was composed by a wide black dress by the knee, black tights and brown leather ankle boots. Her complements were a black watch, a black backpack, black sunglasses and a black hat.

blue bag charms Fashion headband Japanese girl jean dress padded coat plaid scarf sheepskin boots street style Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan airport teddy bears

A warm Japanese passenger

Akino is a Japanese girl was flying back to Japan with her friend (you can see the post that she starred here) from Taoyuan Airport when I met them.

First of all, I need to say that this airport is a huge fan of the air conditioning, so no wonder that Akino was wearing this natural padded coat inside the airport. Under the coat, a jean dress over light brown shorts and dark sheepskin boots. As complements, a brown headband, a blue bag with a pair of charms and a pair of teddy bears, and a long and warm blue and yellow plaid scarf, very useful inside airports and planes!