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Adidas beanie chain purse Fashion girl gun high-waisted leather bracelets miniskirt street striped tights style Taipei Taiwan yellow T-shirt Zhongxiao Dunhua Zhongxiao Fuxing

Judy’s gun

Judy was at the intersection of Zhongxiao Fuxing Rd. to Zhongxiao Dunhua Rd. when I spotted her and her strong outfit.

She was wearing a yellow printed T-shirt, high-waisted black miniskirt, striped tights, and Adidas black sneakers. Judy’s complements were black leather bracelets, a black beanie with ears, and a black chain purse with a silver gun printed on it, which you can see better in the second picture.

black-rimmed glasses brown leather camera Fashion funny girl high-waisted iPhone cover lilac T-shirt moccasins night market Shida short jeans street style Taipei Taiwan

Zoe, the iPhone photographer

Zoe Chen was walking around the Shida Night Market with her boyfriend when I met her.

She was wearing a lilac T-shirt with a green pocket and a funny detail on it, high-waisted short jeans, white and orange socks, and brown leather moccasins. Zoe’s complements were a black and white handbag, colourful watch and bracelets, a blue backpack, black-rimmed glasses and her iPhone with a funny cover imitating a camera hanging from her neck.

brown leather bag brown leather shoes Fashion floral print girl high-waisted night market Shida short jeans street style T-shirt Taipei Taiwan

Brown leather complements

This cute girl, 亭維 (Tíng wéi), was walking and shopping around with her friend in the Shida Night Market.

She was wearing a T-shirt with floral print (that she bought in a shop of the Shida night market), high-waisted short jeans and brown leather shoes. Her complements were a silvered watch and a brown leather handbag.

Fashion floral print girl high-waisted New York Times NY Reader's Photos shorts street style Taipei Taiwan

Featuring in The New York Times I

Today I have such a great news! Yesterday I saw that one of my pictures is selected to illustrate this week’s Reader’s Photos section in The New York Times! The star of the picture is the cute Daisy.

But if as this was not enough, today I saw that another of my pictures had been selected for last week’s Street Style’s topic: High-waisted shorts. The star of this picture is Mollie and her high-waisted shorts with floral print.

I’m really excited about this! Thanks to Mollie, Daisy and The New York Times people! =)