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3/4 sleeves blue handbag Fashion girl jacket leggings mustard dress night market platform sandals scarf Shida street style Taipei Taiwan vertical stripes

Dots and stripes

Chrisey Chi was walking with her friend Juby (who also starred a post here) in the Shida night market when I met them.

She was wearing a jacket with black, grey and red vertical stripes and with 3/4 sleeves, over a mustard dress, dark blue leggings, and black platform sandals tied at the ankle (which you can see better at the second picture). Chrisey’s complements were a big blue handbag, and a long scarf combining white and red.

electric blue Fashion girl leggings Shida silver sleeveless street style Taipei Taipower Building MRT Taiwan Weekend Fever white-rimmed sunglasses

Electric Mollie

Molly Chang was with a friend near Taipower Building MRT when her colourful outfit immediately caught my attention. Molly told me she collaborates in a very interesting organization called Weekend Fever.

She was wearing a black shirt, an electric blue dress without sleeves, red leggings, black socks and sneakers in silver colour. Molly’s complements were a black watch, some black bracelets, a ring, a black and white bag, and white-rimmed sunglasses.

black bonnet Fashion Hong Kong leggings Market rocking horse shoes Shida street striped style Taipei Taiwan wooden platform

Juby and her original shoes

Yesterday, Juby was walking in the Shida Market, enjoying the beautiful weather.
She is wearing a white bonnet, black-rimmed glasses, a black and white striped shirt, grey leggings and black skirt, coat and shoes.
As you can see, the shoes are very original: black but with light wooden platform. Juby told me that she bought them in Hong Kong, another city full of street style!