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black booties black handbag black scarf black tights coat Dublin Fashion girl leopard print street style Taipei Taiwan yellow chains

Leopard print coat

A few days ago, I met Aife in Dublin, in one of the shopping streets in the center of this beautiful city.

Aife was wearing a leopard print coat from Zara from a few seasons ago, black tights, and black booties. Her complements were a black leather handbag, a ring, a watch, and a black scarf with yellow chains printed on it.

black sandals blue leggings Chanel Fashion girl golden necklace leopard print sleeveless Songshan Cultural Park street style Taipei Taiwan

Blue leopard

Sweetie or 小甜甜 was with some friends in Songshan Cultural Park, where the Chanel’s exhibition “A little black jacket” took place. In the second picture you can see her with her friends Renee, 芬 a and 佳佳 (from left to right), each one with her own style.

She was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, longer in one side, over a black long tank top, blue leggings with leopard print and black sandals with golden details. Sweetie’s complements were a black handbag, a bracelet, a black watch and a golden necklace.

black tights Christmas denim shirt Fashion girl leopard print mistletoe Nike original reindeers Santa Claus sneakers stars street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongxiao Dunhua

Merry Christmas shirt!

When I met Pee Pee near Zhongxiao Dunhua it wasn’t Christmas, not even December, it was April. That’s why I was so surprised by her outfit.

Pee Pee was wearing a long denim shirt full of Christmas details everywhere: Santa Claus, Christmas trees, stars, reindeers, mistletoe, and many more! Black tights and very original Nike sneakers with leopard print complemented the look.

I asked Pee Pee if she customized the shirt by herself, but she said it was like this when she bought it!

bow Fashion girl glasses without glass hood leopard print night market padded vest rabbit tail Shida street style Taipei Taiwan

Rabbit tail

Orange was going to the Shida Night Market with a friend when I met her.

She was wearing a white winter padded vest with hood, a black shirt, blue trousers with leopard print and black boots. As complements, a dark yellow bag and black-rimmed glasses without glass (very fashionable among Taiwanese girls). It is worth paying attention to a couple of details that are in Orange’s vest: a big pink bow on the hood and a red rabbit tail on her back. I even asked if she had added these details by herself, but Orange said they came with the vest.