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long printed cardigan

black tights brown leather bag brown leather shoes Fashion girl long printed cardigan mustard sweater night market Shida skirt street style Taipei Taiwan


Luna was walking with a friend by the streets of the Shida night market in Taipei when I met her.

She was wearing a long printed cardigan, a mustard sweater, a dark blue skirt with white print, black tights, and brown leather shoes. Luna’s complements were a necklace, and a brown leather bag that she bought in Internet and that you can see better at the second photo.

blue brogues denim miniskirt Fashion grey leggings long printed cardigan military green shirt street style Taipei Zhongxiao Dunhua

A cutest in a warm cardigan

蔣芸潔 (Jiang Yun Jie) was near Zhongxiao Dunhua with her friend (you can see the post she starred here) when I met her.

蔣芸潔 (Jiang Yun Jie) is wearing a long printed cardigan over a military green shirt and a denim miniskirt, grey leggings and blue brogues. As complements, a black purse, a big ring and blue earrings, the same blue than her nail polish!