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Not only sneakers

Today I would like to talk to you about another trend that I’ve seen during winter and also now in spring time. It is about sneakers. Maybe you will think, what is there left to say about sneakers? A sneaker is a sneaker! I thought the same way, but when you pay attention you will notice that is not that simple!

Here I will show you the major types of sneaker:

– Colorful ones: sometimes comfort is the most important, maybe you just have a day full of errands in front of you, running from one place to another. In that case, a flat sneaker helps you. But lately girls in Taiwan wear very colorful ones, in bright and neon colors, in a casual but pretty outfit. The one below on the left only has two colors but both in neon, and the one on the right combines many bright colors.

Neon colors                                               Bright colors

– With wedges: it is the perfect solution if you want to look taller but without wearing heels and now it is applied to sneakers. The wedge is camouflaged inside the shoe, like you can see in these examples, both lace-up and one in soft pink and the other in white and grey.
Soft pink                                                   White and grey
– With platform: they are also called “creepers” and have arrived to Taiwan from the streets of Japan and Korea, where are a total success. In these photos you have one model in total black and another combining many colors, even on the platform.
Total black                                                Colors
What do you think? Have you seen these types in your city? Which one is your favorite?
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Neon colors!

Yesterday was published my latest article in, about the neon colors trend. I will share it with you now, but you can also read it here. What do you think about it, please?

As often happens in fashion, trends return. In the 80s, one of the most widespread trends was the use of neon colors. Everything started with the creation of fluorescent ads and some designers, like Pierre Cardin or Emilio Pucci, decided to experiment with these garish colors and began to try on their clothes. Last summer, neon colors were all the rage, and though it’s the middle of autumn —almost winter!— this trend is still booming and resists leaving the streets.
Although there are fluorescent versions of almost all the colors  (and in all the tones) to suit all tastes, the most fashionable are pink, yellow, blue, orange and green.
These bright colors have reached all the spectrum of fashion design. From shoes to clothes, and from accessories to nail polish and make-up —you can get any item you want in these dazzling colors. The variety of articles naturally includes all sorts of fabrics and materials: tweed, jeans, knitwear, plastic, leather, etc.
Sometimes wearing these colors can be risky, so it’s important to know the best way to coordinate them, otherwise you could end up looking like Nicki Minaj!
Here are some tips to keep in mind when dressing in neon colors:
  1. Consider the situation. You don’t want to steal the attention from the bride? Do you?
  2. Choose a color that suits you. There are many, but they are not easy to combine. Try on a few and decide which color is right for you.
  3. Choose a tone of neon. The best for you doesn’t have to be the most fluorescent, so find the one that best matches your skin and wardrobe.
Some ways to wear neon colors:
Jeans: combined with shirts or sweaters in neutral colors (gray, white or black) and matched with shoes and accessories in the same color range.
In accessories: they are great allies to make your outfit stand out, giving it a modern and bold touch. It’s a good way to test, especially if you aren’t sure about using these colors.
Dressed in white, black or a single color: it’s an ideal way to highlight the shoes and the accessories.
In blouses or jackets: for a vivid outfit wear a top in any of these colors. Don’t forget to cleverly choose the rest of the elements for a perfect look.
In a total look: the easiest one to pull off, but you have to care more about the make-up and the accessories.
Many designers and high fashion brands used this type of colors in their latest collections —Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and Hermès, among others. But we can also find some examples of this trend at more accessible stores like Zara, H&M, etc.
These are colors that suit you better when you are tanned, and if you don’t wear them all at once. Many celebrities are followers of it, although not all of them with the same results. Eva Longoria, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, the Kardashians and Rihanna are some of the people who belong to the neon colors group. Do you want to join?