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ankle boots Barcelona blue coat brown leather handbag burgundy couple Fashion Gracia hoodie sweater knitted hat padded coat skinny jeans street style Taipei Taiwan wasted white dots

Couple on a cold day

Lili and Rafa are this nice couple that I met one cold day in the Gracia district, in Barcelona.

Lili was wearing a dark blue padded coat, tied at the waist, burgundy skinny jeans, and burgundy ankle boots. Her only complement was a brown leather handbag.
Rafa was wearing a dark blue coat with white dots, an orange hoodie sweater, dark grey wasted trousers, and wasted shoes. His only complemement was a green knitted hat.
blue bag charms Fashion headband Japanese girl jean dress padded coat plaid scarf sheepskin boots street style Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan airport teddy bears

A warm Japanese passenger

Akino is a Japanese girl was flying back to Japan with her friend (you can see the post that she starred here) from Taoyuan Airport when I met them.

First of all, I need to say that this airport is a huge fan of the air conditioning, so no wonder that Akino was wearing this natural padded coat inside the airport. Under the coat, a jean dress over light brown shorts and dark sheepskin boots. As complements, a brown headband, a blue bag with a pair of charms and a pair of teddy bears, and a long and warm blue and yellow plaid scarf, very useful inside airports and planes!