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Adidas bag Barcelona black-rimmed glasses Fashion girl moccasins shorts street striped top style Taipei Taiwan vintage


This cute girl is Venus and I met her a few months ago in Barcelona, at the top of the beautiful Passeig de Gràcia.

Venus was wearing a striped top in dark blue and white, high waisted light denim shorts tied at the waist, and brown leather moccasins. Her complements were a silver watch, some bracelets, black-rimmed glasses, a golden necklace with her name, and a vintage white Adidas bag.

Barcelona Fashion girl Massimo Dutti handbag necklace paisley sandals shorts Spain street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan tank top

Paisley shorts

Vanesa was walking by the beautiful Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona when her style caught my eye.

She was wearing a black tank top, shorts with paisley print in green tones, and lilac sandals tied at the ankle. Vanesa’s complements were a black and blue necklace, big sunglasses, and a Massimo Dutti handbag in blue and brown leather from last year.

black-rimmed glasses boy Converse Españoles en el mundo Fashion satchel shorts street striped T-shirt style Taipei Taiwan TV white shirt Ximen

Green satchel

I hope you all have a great 2013! I’m enjoying these holidays with my family in Spain and I wish you are enjoying these days too!

Let’s start the year with a boy! I met 葉靀軒 (Yè Méng Xuān) in the Ximen area, while I was with the people of the Spanish TV program Españoles en el mundo” (Spanish people in the world).

He was wearing a white shirt over a white and black striped T-shirt, light green shorts, and red Converse. His complements were black-rimmed glasses, a big watch and an amazing green satchel bag.

A Rockable Day ankle boots with fringing Cambridge Satchel Company denim vest Fashion girl golden satchel shorts street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan white top

Dora’s golden satchel

Dora Chien was with a friend (who will also star a near post) in the music festival A Rockable Day.

She was wearing a white top with some geometrical motifs over a grey top, a denim vest, shorts and brown ankle boots with fringing. Dora’s complements were a bracelet, a golden necklace, big sunglasses and a golden satchel bag, from Cambridge Satchel Company.

Fashion floral print girl high-waisted New York Times NY Reader's Photos shorts street style Taipei Taiwan

Featuring in The New York Times I

Today I have such a great news! Yesterday I saw that one of my pictures is selected to illustrate this week’s Reader’s Photos section in The New York Times! The star of the picture is the cute Daisy.

But if as this was not enough, today I saw that another of my pictures had been selected for last week’s Street Style’s topic: High-waisted shorts. The star of this picture is Mollie and her high-waisted shorts with floral print.

I’m really excited about this! Thanks to Mollie, Daisy and The New York Times people! =)