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Korean style

Song Myeung Gue was walking with a friend by the streets of Seoul when I met him.

He was wearing a dark brown jacket, white shirt, teal trousers, socks with argyle stripe, and black suede moccasins. His complements were a brown leather belt, black gloves and a maroon tie, both with a typical winter print.

ankle boots beige leggings Fashion girl gloves quilted coat scarf Seoul skulls South Korea street style Taipei Taiwan Tory Burch

Blue and beige

This beautiful Korean girl is Mayo and she is Kaming’s girlfriend (who also starred a post here).

Mayo was wearing a dark blue quilted coat, a blue jumper with textured knit design, beige leggings, and beige ankle boots. Her complements were a black Tory Burch handbag, white gloves, and a blue scarf with beige skulls.

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The best of 2013

2013 has been a great year for the blog! Step by step and with usually 2 posts per week, the number of visits and comments is growing more and more everyday. I’m really happy for it and I would like to thank everybody who visits the blog, because you encourage me to keep working on it and improving my photos and articles.

This year I’ve been many months in Spain, then in September I came back to Taipei but I have also traveled to Ireland, Japan and South Korea. I would like to start this recap of my favorites photos of the year by also mentioning the three most read articles published this year:

1. Intense gaze (
2. Taipei In Style, 2nd Day (
3. For the rain (

And then, it has been really difficult to choose, but here you have my 10 favorite photos of 2013: