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ballerinas dress Fashion floral print girl Misako satchel Spain street style Taipei Taiwan

White and blue dress

This beautiful and smiling girl is my friend Andrea. She is from La Coruña (Spain) but she lives in Taipei like me. Some weeks ago she was kind enough to let me photograph her!

Andrea was wearing a sleeveless white dress with a blue floral print that her mother bought for her, and blue ballerinas. Her complements were some bracelets and a white satchel bag from Misako.

2013 articles Barcelona Fashion Ireland Japan photos South Korea Spain street style Taipei Taiwan

The best of 2013

2013 has been a great year for the blog! Step by step and with usually 2 posts per week, the number of visits and comments is growing more and more everyday. I’m really happy for it and I would like to thank everybody who visits the blog, because you encourage me to keep working on it and improving my photos and articles.

This year I’ve been many months in Spain, then in September I came back to Taipei but I have also traveled to Ireland, Japan and South Korea. I would like to start this recap of my favorites photos of the year by also mentioning the three most read articles published this year:

1. Intense gaze (
2. Taipei In Style, 2nd Day (
3. For the rain (

And then, it has been really difficult to choose, but here you have my 10 favorite photos of 2013:

Barcelona Fashion girl Massimo Dutti handbag necklace paisley sandals shorts Spain street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan tank top

Paisley shorts

Vanesa was walking by the beautiful Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona when her style caught my eye.

She was wearing a black tank top, shorts with paisley print in green tones, and lilac sandals tied at the ankle. Vanesa’s complements were a black and blue necklace, big sunglasses, and a Massimo Dutti handbag in blue and brown leather from last year.

Barcelona blue brown satchel Fashion pink rimmed glasses sandals Spain street stripes style summer dress Taipei Taiwan white

Summer dress

Hello!! As I said, September has begun and I will try that the blog returns to its regular rhythm. I’m back in Taipei, after some months in Spain, but this picture is from Barcelona. Don’t worry, I’ll start publishing pictures from Taipei very soon! 🙂

I met Marina in a street near the famous Passeig de Gràcia, one of the main arteries of Barcelona. She was wearing a summer dress with the top part in navy blue and the skirt part in white, pink and blue stripes. Her sandals were in brown leather and white fabric.
Marina’s main complement, besides the black and blue rimmed glasses, was a light and dark brown satchel bag from Colorful. Marina told me that she bought it in a small neighborhood store, so it is more difficult that someone else has the same bag.

Arenas Mall Barcelona beanie black hoodie black jeans denim jacket Fashion girl hoop earrings leather sleeves Nike sneakers red lips Spain street style Taipei Taiwan

Denim with leather sleeves jacket

For different reasons, I will be in Spain for a while and I will try to show you how people dress also here, combining pictures made in Taiwan and in Spain in the blog.

I met Montse in Barcelona, near the Arenas Mall. She was wearing a white T-shirt, a The North Face black hoodie, a denim jacket with black leather sleeves, black jeans and Nike sneakers. Her complements were a piercing in the nose, silver hoop earrings and a black beanie, so fashionable lately. As you can see, what also highlights a lot are her red lips.