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Barcelona boy Fashion floral print mirrored lenses Paris sandals short sleeve shirt straw hat street style Taipei Taiwan yellow shorts

Short sleeve shirt with big flowers

Mboko is from Paris but he was spending some days in Barcelona when his style caught my attention and I met him.

He was wearing a white short sleeve shirt with big flowers print, yellow shorts, and brown leather sandals. Mboko’s complements were a brown leather belt, some bracelets, a watch, mirrored lenses, black rimmed glasses, and a straw hat.

extra long cardigan Fashion girl long blue dress manga print night market original platform sandals Shida straw hat street style Taipei Taiwan triangle shaped necklace

Extra long cardigan

金玲 (Jīn líng) was with a friend (who will also star an upcoming post) walking in the Shida night market when I met her.

She was wearing a extra long black cardigan, over a long blue dress with a manga print, and original black platform sandals. Her complements were a transparent ring, a red plastic watch, a black bracelet, a black and white bag, an original transparent triangle shaped necklace and a straw hat with a red and blue ribbon with white stars.

Fashion girl golden handbag lace shoes lime green sweater Ralph Lauren Sogo straw hat street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongxiao Fuxing

Lime green sweater

Vivi was walking with her boyfriend in the Zhongxiao Fuxing area, near the white Sogo. We all commented how Taiwanese people like photography, specially boys taking pictures of their girlfriends.

Her outfit was composed just with a lime green sweater and her shoes with lace. Vivi’s complements were a straw hat, golden necklace and watch, and a white and golden Ralph Lauren handbag.

A Rockable Day Converse cream Fashion floral print girl light denim skinny jeans straw hat street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan wide shirt

Light and cream

Hsiao Pai was in the music festival A Rockable Day, celebrated more than a month ago.

Hsiao Pai was wearing a wide shirt in cream colour over a white tank top, light denim skinny jeans and Converse, also in cream colour. Her complements were a big ring, big sunglasses and a straw hat with floral print.

black T-shirt boy by the knee camera Fashion Former American Consulate grey plaid sneakers straw hat street style Taipei Taiwan Zhongshan

Like a tourist

潤澤明亮 (Rùnzé míngliàng) was walking in the streets near by the Former American Consulate in Taipei (now a cultural centre with cafeterias, shop, cinema, etc.) in Zhongshan MRT area.

He was wearing a black T-shirt, grey trousers by the knee and plaid sneakers. 潤澤明亮 (Rùnzé míngliàng)’s complements were a ring, a bracelet, a black watch, a black bag and a straw hat. For the camera hanging on his neck, you can see that he is also a fan of photography.