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Barcelona belt Bibiana Ballbè black sandals bracelet Fashion girl golden studs playsuit street style suede leather handbag sunglasses Taipei Taiwan ZARA

Black playsuit

Bibiana Ballbè is a Catalan journalist and TV presenter, who usually also collaborates with radio programs and press. I met her in Barcelona and she was very nice. For more info about her, you can check her website or her Facebook page.

Bibiana was wearing a black playsuit tight at the waist with a black belt, perfect for the hot weather. Her complements were big sunglasses, a brown suede leather handbag, a black leather bracelet, and black sandals with golden studs from Zara.

Fashion Firmoo free pair street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan

Firmo sunglasses

Today I have something different than the usual for you! If you follow the blog, you will know that I have never made a product review before but when Firmoo contacted me I didn’t hesitate for a second in doing the first one!

If you already know it, great! But for those who don’t, Firmoo is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store. Don’t worry, me myself didn’t know this store before. I’m not a huge fan of buying things online which I would like to try on first, like clothes, shoes or accessories.

But 3 reasons make me decide for Firmoo:

– As I said before, is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices.

– Any glasses/sunglasses/goggles frames you want can be found on Firmoo, and all are available for both prescription lenses and non-prescription lenses.

– They offer a Virtual Try-On System that helps you find the right frames. You even are able to upload your own photo to try glasses virtually. I think this function is amazing!

Anyway, if you still have doubts, you can take a look on their Help Center, I’m sure everything will be clear then! Or you can contact their Help staff, which have always been very kind and efficient with me.

Firmoo offered me a free pair of normal clear glasses. As I don’t need them (still!), I chose these ones ( but with an 80% of degree of brown tint to use them as sunglasses.

Once I ordered them, I received the package in a short time and I was informed during the whole process. I received my glasses in a protective hard case, but there also was a microfiber cloth bag for glasses. A repair kit, with screws, screwdrivers, etc., is also included in each package.

But if all these wasn’t still enough, I found a surprise in my package: an extra pair of glasses! Once I asked Firmoo about it, I have decided I will prepare a giveaway when I return to Taiwan. Do you like them?

A Rockable Day creepers Fashion green shorts LeSportsac street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan white hands yellow shirt

White hands

Amber Huang was with a couple of friends, Frida and Cass, in the music festival A Rockable Day.

The outfit was quite colourful: a yellow shirt with a print of white hands, green shorts, and black creepers, so fashionable lately. The complements were big sunglasses, black watch and a black LeSportsac bag with some white letters printed on it.

A Rockable Day ankle boots black hat black tights blue shirt brown skirt Canon camera Fashion girls headband moccasins sleeveless street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan wide black dress

Friends with different styles

Zara Chen & 薛媛 (Xuē yuàn) were together in the music festival A Rockable Day. I had already spotted them in the waiting line for the shuttle bus, but it was too crowded to take pictures there. So I was very happy when I saw them again in the festival area. Their styles are different from each other, but special in their own way.

Zara, on the left, was wearing a sleeveless blue shirt, with transparencies on the top, a light brown skirt by the knee, with floral print, and brown moccasins. Her complements were some bracelets, a red headband and her Canon camera.

薛媛 (Xuē yuàn), on the right, was wearing an almost total black look. Her outfit was composed by a wide black dress by the knee, black tights and brown leather ankle boots. Her complements were a black watch, a black backpack, black sunglasses and a black hat.

A Rockable Day boots denim shorts dip dye Fashion girl Lost+Found pink letters street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan tank top


Frida Su was with some friends (one of them, Cass, already starred a post here) in the music festival A Rockable Day.

She was wearing a black tank top with some pink letters on it, dip dye denim shorts with some studs, green and black socks, and black boots. Frida’s complements were a black watch, a black belt, some bracelets and necklaces, and big and original sunglasses.

Frida also told me that she was working at Lost+Found, a select shop in Taipei (you can see their Facebook page here).