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Bermuda shorts bonnet boy Fashion orange sneakers Osaka skull street striped sweater style T-shirt Taipei Taiwan Tokyo

Skull with sunglasses

Yuki is from Tokyo and he was with his girlfriend (who will also star a post soon) spending some days in Osaka, where I met them.

He was wearing a dark grey T-shirt with a skull with sunglasses printed on it, grey and white striped sweater knotted on his shoulders, dark Bermuda shorts, and orange sneakers. Yuki’s complements were some bracelets and a dark bonnet.

brown leather bag brown leather shoes Fashion floral print girl high-waisted night market Shida short jeans street style T-shirt Taipei Taiwan

Brown leather complements

This cute girl, 亭維 (Tíng wéi), was walking and shopping around with her friend in the Shida Night Market.

She was wearing a T-shirt with floral print (that she bought in a shop of the Shida night market), high-waisted short jeans and brown leather shoes. Her complements were a silvered watch and a brown leather handbag.