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Girls and Tattoos

After a short absence due to personal reasons, I’m back! Here is an article that I have written fo Avenue about girls and tattoos. I hope you like it!

Girls and Tattoos

By Gemma Vidal
The practice of tattooing is as old as human history. However, in recent years, tattoos have been progressively incorporated into our society for fulfilling purely aesthetic and artistic expression purposes. I have always thought that tattoos are a mysterious thing, full of questions. Why do people get a tattoo? When do they decide to do it? How do they decide what to tattoo? And where? Is it painful? (My pain threshold is very low!) Have they ever regretted getting it? I guess you have already figured that I have none!
It seems that for girls, stars are on top of the list of the most popular tattoos. Usually, they are combined with other designs but you can also see stars-only ones. In my opinion, small stars are an elegant choice.
imageTattoos of flowers are trendy among girls too, and I think that they are particularly attractive due to the variety of colors used in them. 
Swallows and other birds. Generally, all birds look great as a tattoos.
Butterflies tattoos are also quite frequent among girls. Most of them think they are very feminine.
Kanji tattoos. Japanese drawings and Japanese and Chinese characters are extremely popular as well. Many people want to know their name in Chinese or Japanese to get it tattooed I recommend consulting an expert before doing it to avoid making terrible mistakes. You don’t want to have a tattoo that makes no sense, or one that says something stupid!
Tattoos always catch my eye, whether I consider them beautiful or ugly, big or small. Of course it is a totally personal decision; each person will have to live with it for the rest of his/her life unless it is removed with laser. But please, think twice before doing it!
Here you have some examples of what I consider bad tattoo choices: 
Faces: I find them scary and creepy.
 Fairies: They are childish and corny, not cute at all.
Cartoons: Naif and childish. It is becoming more common for adults (including myself) to watch cartoons, but from that to getting a tattoo there is a big step.
Tattoos are part of the image that you want to give to others, like your hairstyle or the clothes you wear. But these two are not permanent; you can change them several times a day. That’s why I emphasize the importance of thinking carefully before doing it wait until you are 100% sure.
black belt black T-shirt boy denim vest Fashion jeans key rings maroon shoes night market Shida street studs style Taipei Taiwan tattoo

Black and denim Sean

Sean was outside of a shop in the Shida Night Market talking with some friends when I saw him.

He was wearing a light denim vest with some studs over a black T-shirt, jeans, striped socks and maroon shoes. Sean’s complements were a black belt (also with some studs), a key chain hanging from his waist with keys and key rings, piercing in each ear, and a golden cross hanging in a golden necklace from his neck. As you can see, he also has some tatoos in his arms.