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Weekend Fever

black boy cap cut off shorts Fashion piercings street style tags Taipei Taipower Building MRT Taiwan Viking Weekend Fever

Jacky and the Viking T-shirt

Jacky N. Ding was with his friend Mollie near Taipower Building MRT and he also collaborates in Weekend Fever, a very interesting organization.

He was wearing a black T-shirt with the drawing of a bloody Viking, black jeans cut off shorts, black socks and black sneakers. Jacky’s complements were some bracelets, a black backpack with some tags, two piercings in his left ear and a black cap.

electric blue Fashion girl leggings Shida silver sleeveless street style Taipei Taipower Building MRT Taiwan Weekend Fever white-rimmed sunglasses

Electric Mollie

Molly Chang was with a friend near Taipower Building MRT when her colourful outfit immediately caught my attention. Molly told me she collaborates in a very interesting organization called Weekend Fever.

She was wearing a black shirt, an electric blue dress without sleeves, red leggings, black socks and sneakers in silver colour. Molly’s complements were a black watch, some black bracelets, a ring, a black and white bag, and white-rimmed sunglasses.