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For the rain…

I am collaborating with the Spanish blog Yuanfang Magazine. As they use Spanish, here you have another of my articles for them translated into English. You can read the Spanish version here. I hope you like it! 🙂


Because of its subtropical climate, Taipei is a city where it rains throughout the year. But the city is ready for it and does not stop at any time. Most streets have porticoes, and umbrellas and raincoats are sold in all convenience stores that are scattered throughout the city.

Its inhabitants are also prepared and do not change their day to day because of the rain. In my case, I’m not afraid to cringe, but when it rains I would rather like to stay home and watch the rain comfortably from my couch through the windows.

As this is not always possible and you have to go outside yes or yes, I noticed that many Taiwanese girls and women wear flip flops when it rains. As they have told me when I asked them, they use flip flops because it is a very clear way to not spoil the shoes with the water.

Usually the flip flops that they wear are plastic and with wedge, although there are also flat, shiny or not, with different patterns, colors, etc.. Here high-heeled shoes or sneakers with wedge, such a trend in recent months, are very common, so why the flip flops would not have height too?

For who does not like wet feet, especially with the puddles, the other majority choice for rainy days are the rain boots. Its use is increasing and it is easy to find wellies in night markets and shops. They are practical and have also become a new and trendy complement. They are in all colors, prints and prices, with or without wedge, etc., to suit all styles and budgets.

Of course, the best known brand of this type of footwear and with more presence here is Hunter. The British brand has several shops and distribution points in the city, and the fact that a few years ago did a collaboration with Jimmy Choo or that it is the favorite of the celebrities, only increases its popularity among girls eager to follow the fashion and that enjoy watching and commenting on the style of the celebrities who wear them.

article Fashion Hunter Jimmy Choo Joules Le Chameau Avenue rubber boots street style Taipei Taiwan wellies Wellington boots

♫ I’m walking in the rain ♫

A few days ago was published my latest article in, about the Wellington boots trend. Let me share it with you now, although you can also read it here. Are you in to it too?

By Gemma Vidal
The rain doesn’t have to embitter the day, or your outfit! Remember when you were a child and you jumped in puddles without fear of getting wet? That pleasure isn’t limited only to children; rubber boots are the ideal footwear for autumn and rainy days — for the young and the not-so-young alike. After all, nobody likes wet feet!
Wellington boots, also called wellies or rubber boots, began to be used for its practicality —mainly by soldiers and farmers. Later on, they started to be used by children, and eventually evolved and became fashionable for adults as well.
In the last years, Hunter has been the brand that has popularized them.  Its flagship model, the Original Hunter, was released in 1955. According to the company, each pair is handmade from 28 pieces (you can watch a short video overview here).image
In 2010 the company collaborated with the designer Jimmy Choo, creating a unique model. The boots kept their shape but were made with crocodile skin texture, leopard print lining, golden buckle and metal rivets. Its price was about $350 and had a waiting list for its sale.
But Hunter isn’t the only rain boots brand. Le Chameau boots have been manufactured in northern France for the last eight decades. They are the favorites of Kate Middleton and Chef Jamie Oliver; and, as always happens with the “Kate effect”, since the Duchess was seen with them, the popularity of this brand has grown like wildfire —a pair can cost about $450. 
Another brand that you may have heard about is Joules. Its most characteristic model has a bow on the back and is usually around $120.
You can also find more affordable brands at any shoe store or market. They come in all colors, prints and prices. No matter the brand you buy, you must learn to take care of them and clean them properly, so you can enjoy your boots for a long time. Here’s a little guide:
1. The first thing is to clean the dirt off the boots —you can use a damp cloth for this. If they are really dirty, use a mild detergent, but you have to do it carefully so the boots won’t lose brightness and color.
2. Dry them thoroughly with a rag or let them air dry. Remember to keep them away from heat sources —don’t forget that they are made with rubber and the heat could damage them.
3. White spots can be removed by using specific products. Some brands sell their own, but if you can’t get them, then tire polishes are a good alternative.

Of course, they are very easy to combine: with jeans, leggings, dresses, coats, etc.  Many celebrities have followed this trend due to the variety of designs and its practicality. Kate Moss was the first to start wearing these boots, but now Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester, Liv Tyler, etc., are on it too.