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Barcelona black bag black skirt Fashion girl golden Marc Jacobs watch sandals street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan white blouse

Golden details

Anissa lives and works as a personal shopper in Barcelona, where I met her.

She was wearing a white blouse with pearl buttons, a long black skirt, and black and silver flat sandals. Her complements were a black leather bag, big black sunglasses, pearl earrings, two golden star rings, some bracelets, and a golden Marc Jacobs watch.

big black sunglasses black leather handbag black leggings black polka dots Fashion girl Japan Osaka platform shoes street style Taipei Taiwan umbrella white blouse

Under the umbrella

Nanaka was with some friends in the shopping streets of Osaka when I met her. She was wearing a white blouse, black leggings and black platform shoes with high heels. Her complements were a black leather handbag, some golden necklaces, big black sunglasses, and a big white umbrella with black polka dots.

ballet flats Barcelona black tights duffle coat Fashion girl pleated miniskirt street style Taipei Taiwan white blouse

Elegant schoolgirl look

Sara was walking with a friend (who will also star a post soon) outside the shopping centre L’Illa Diagonal, in Barcelona.

She was wearing a beige hooded duffle coat, a white blouse, a black pleated miniskirt, black tights, and black ballet flats with a leopard bow. Her only complements were a black handbag and pearl bracelet and earrings.