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Barcelona black booties black scarf black tights boots couple dog Fashion Gracia gray jacket herringbone jeans street style Taipei Taiwan white polka dots winter cardigan yellow cardigan

Walking the dog

Lucas and Augusta were walking their lovely dog, Sanna, in the Gracia district, in Barcelona, when I met them. At that time, Augusta was pregnant, I hope everything is going well and that they will have a beautiful and healthy child! 🙂

Lucas was wearing a gray jacket in herringbone, a blue navy winter cardigan with brown buttons, a white shirt with blue stripes, a brown leather belt, jeans, and light brown boots. No complements.

Augusta was wearing a long yellow winter cardigan, a blue dress with white polka dots, black tights, and black booties. Her only complement was a long black scarf.

A Rockable Day colourful dress Fashion flowers girl red shoes street stripes style Taipei Taiwan white white polka dots yellow

Colourful girl

小襪 (Xiǎo wà) was with a friend in the music festival A Rockable Day and I couldn’t avoid paying attention to her colourful outfit.

It was composed by a knee lenght dress with white and yellow stripes on the top and big colourful flowers on the bottom, and her shoes were red with small white polka dots.

A Rockable Day Adidas Fashion girl gradient jeans shorts Jansport pink shirt street style sunglasses Taipei Taiwan white polka dots

Cute Daisy

This cute girl is Daisy, a student that I met last Saturday in the music festival A Rockable Day.

She was wearing a soft pink shirt with white polka dots, gradient jeans shorts, checked socks and white Adidas sneakers with a red bow printed on the side. Daisy’s complements were a watch, a pair of big black sunglasses and a blue denim Jansport backpack with some copper-coloured flowers.

Daisy speaks English very well because she lived in Australia, and she also has a blog (in Chinese).

Arnold Palmer sneakers blue skirt bow Fashion girl hat pastel pink shirt satchel street style Taipei Taiwan white polka dots Zhongxiao Dunhua

Sweet Min Xin

When I met 鄭旻欣 (Zheng Min Xin), she was walking with a friend (you can see the post she starred here) near Zhongxiao Dunhua.

鄭旻欣 (Zheng Min Xin) is wearing a pastel pink shirt over a blue skirt with white polka dots, black tights, red socks and Arnold Palmer grey sneakers. As complements, a light brown hat, a necklace with a bright bow pendant and a colourful satchel combining pink, blue, brown, golden and white. Even her mobile phone’s case is very colourful!

black knee socks black sheepskin boots black sleeves brown shorts Fashion fringe red watch straight hair street style Taipei Taiwan white polka dots white sweater Zhongxiao Dunhua

Teen style

林子雯 (Lin Zi Wen) was walking with a friend near Zhongxiao Dunhua. I love how straight have the hair some Taiwanese girls! With a perfect fringe like 林子雯 (Lin Zi Wen).

About her outfit, she was wearing a white sweater with black sleeves with white polka dots from the elbows, brown shorts, black knee socks and black sheepskin boots. Her watch is red, to add a touch of colour.