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black platform shoes black trench coat Fashion girl skirt street style Taipei Taiwan white shirt

Black and white

陳萱穎 is a 17 years old student in Taipei, and she was in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area with a friend when I met her.

She was wearing a black trench coat, a white shirt, a white skirt with a black pattern, and black platform shoes. Her complements were a long necklace and her camera. She told me that all the clothes are bought in Shilin night market.

big black sunglasses black leggings black T-shirt boy Fashion golden bracelet golden necklace leather shorts Samsung camera silver purse sneakers street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan white shirt

Black and white

Last week was the Taipei In Style fashion fair and I will be soon posting photos about the house shows I attended. There I met Oscar, he was with a friend (who will also star a post very soon), and his style immediately caught my eye.

He was wearing a black T-shirt over a white buttoned shirt, black leather shorts, black leggings, and black and white sneakers. Oscar’s complements were his Samsung camera, big black sunglasses, some golden necklaces, a golden bracelet, and a silver handbag.

boy Fashion gloves jacket moccasins Seoul socks with argyle stripe South Korea street style Taipei Taiwan teal trousers tie white shirt

Korean style

Song Myeung Gue was walking with a friend by the streets of Seoul when I met him.

He was wearing a dark brown jacket, white shirt, teal trousers, socks with argyle stripe, and black suede moccasins. His complements were a brown leather belt, black gloves and a maroon tie, both with a typical winter print.

black-rimmed glasses boy cropped trousers Fashion raspberry sweater street style Taipei Taipei In Style Taiwan white shirt

Black stars

Jack was with two friends (who will also star a post soon) in the Taipei In Style trade fair. The three of them were really nice and we even took a picture together the next day.

He was wearing a white shirt with some black stars in the left side, a sweater in raspberry color knotted on his shoulders, blue cropped trousers, and dark shoes. Jack’s complements were some bracelets, black-rimmed glasses and a small black briefcase.

black-rimmed glasses boy Converse Españoles en el mundo Fashion satchel shorts street striped T-shirt style Taipei Taiwan TV white shirt Ximen

Green satchel

I hope you all have a great 2013! I’m enjoying these holidays with my family in Spain and I wish you are enjoying these days too!

Let’s start the year with a boy! I met 葉靀軒 (Yè Méng Xuān) in the Ximen area, while I was with the people of the Spanish TV program Españoles en el mundo” (Spanish people in the world).

He was wearing a white shirt over a white and black striped T-shirt, light green shorts, and red Converse. His complements were black-rimmed glasses, a big watch and an amazing green satchel bag.