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black tights black top bracelet Converse Fashion girl Hi-lo skirt mustard street style Taipei Taiwan tiger's face print Zhongxiao Fuxing zipper

Tigress girl

Nora was with a friend walking near Zhongxiao Fuxing when I saw her and her Hi-Lo skirt, one of the latest trends.

She was wearing a black top with a tiger’s face print, a Hi-Lo mustard skirt with a zipper in the front, black tights and black Converse. Nora’s only complement was a black bracelet.

black purse black-rimmed glasses brown leather case Canon denim shirt Fashion girl maroon hat maroon skinny pants red cardigan red heels street style Taipei Taiwan V sign Zhongxiao Dunhua zipper

Lovely Demi

When I saw Demi in Zhongxiao Dunhua, I thought she has a really cute style.

Demi was wearing a long red cardigan, a long denim shirt tight at the waist with a black belt, maroon skinny pants with zipper in the low and red heels.
Her complements were a maroon hat, black-rimmed glasses, earrings, a golden pendant with her name, a black purse and a Canon camera with a brown leather case.

With her hair in two buns/pigtails and doing the V sign, isn’t she lovely?