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I am collaborating with the Spanish Yuanfang Magazine. As they use Spanish, here you have another of my articles for them translated into English. You can read the Spanish version here. I hope you like it! 🙂


When we talk about backpacks we surely think of our school days. Simple or printed backpacks, filled with books, notebooks, the calculator, etc.

Although we are not children, we can still use a backpack. It’s another complement, in many different styles and very handy if you have to carry many things.

In Taipei is quite common to see girls with backpack. And this is because between the umbrella, the wallet, the sunglasses, and many etceteras, in the end choosing a backpack is a very convenient option.

Here I show several examples of backpacks and the girls who wear them:

1. Ofelia: wearing a youngish outfit, although not too flashy, and a red backpack with star print that gives a touch of color. In addition, a teddy bear keychain hangs from the zipper.

2. Cher: her outfit is very original, with a childish touch. And her Ed Hardy backpack is a clear example: pink, with a butterfly print and with a My Little Pony keychain hanging from the zipper.
3. Joyce: her style is more formal, very suitable for day to day. This black backpack is the perfect complement because it is discreet and does not attract the attention.
4. Nono: with a very summery air, she wears a long printed dress and a denim backpack, very original.
5. 嫣嫣: we could say that her appearance has a “futuristic” air, and this Jansport backpack with a colourful patterned fits it perfectly. Like Ofelia, she also has a keychain hanging from the zipper.
6. 林于婷 and 李雅文: these two friends have very colourful and casual styles, and both carry the same backpack but in different colours.
What do you think of the idea of carrying a backpack? Do you use this complement? Which style is your favourite? I personally like a basic black backpack like this one, perfect for any situation and also easy to customize.

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