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A few days ago, I had the honor of being featured with an interview in during Chinese New Year days. You can read the interview in Chinese here, but below you can read it in English. I hope you like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Which is your favourite fashion brand?
I really enjoy playing with fashion, so I like almost all the fashion brands. The more, the merrier! Of course I would love to have clothes from known and unknown designers, but meanwhile, my budget only allows me to buy at H&M, Zara and similar

2. In which ways do you usually get fashion information? (What magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.)
Sometimes I buy fashion magazines in English, but I usually check online magazines from Spain and USA and almost everyday I visit fashion blogs from all over the world.

3. In the city you live, in this season what clothing do you see more often?
In Taipei, winter is not very cold (around 15ยบC) but humidity may make you feel colder. Young people usually wear coat (military green and school type are the most common), jeans or leggings (for the girls), and boots like the Panama Jack type for the boys and boots like UGG type for the girls.

4. Everyday, how long will you spend to dress yourself?
I wear casual outfits for work, so I only need around 10 minutes. But when it comes to go out for dinner, party or special occasions, I need more time, around 20-30 minutes.

5. Which is your favourite star’s dressing style?
Well, it depends on the occasion, but I like the style of Kate Middleton or Diane Kruger, for example.

6. In what will you spend your income (clothes, jewelry, food, travel, etc)? Will you spend several months wages to buy a single product?
I like to buy clothes quite often, although I don’t have a regular rhythm. Maybe one day I buy several pieces, or maybe I can stay 2 months without buying anything. 
I like to eat and to cook too. Sometimes I spend more money on food because I miss European food and I can’t help buying imported products.
But when it comes to travel… ooohh! if I have the chance to travel I can’t help it and I don’t mind to spend more money and make the most of the trip.

7. All along, do you have a long-standing favourite single product?
Don’t make me choose among all my clothes! Jajaja just kidding! Sometimes, nowadays clothes don’t last more than one year, but there are 2 or 3 dresses that I love and I care the most of those dresses.

8. In your heart, do you have a sacred place for fashion? Tell us about it.
Clothes can make me feel different, and there are pieces that make me remember special moments, people or places, so fashion will always have a place in my heart. I’m a sentimental, even for clothes!

9. Where is your favourite base in the city? (Date place, few people know of specialty shops, food, clothing, entertainment available)
Taipei doesn’t have one center only, but several key areas. My favourite one is the streets around Zhongxiao Dunhua. There are many small and special shops and restaurants, where you can try original pieces or have a nice talk with friends around good food and drinks.

10. In life, if you suddenly find a celebrity, how would you do?
I would try to be nice and introduce myself, talk a little and ask something interesting about their style or favourites places to buy fashion.

11. Can you recommend fashion to people around you? Come and talk about, why do you want to recommend him/her.
All my friends have nice styles and dress well. But due to our friendship, openness is important and I would appreciate that they warn me if something I’m wearing doesn’t really look good on me! We are always talking about new trends, celebrities styles, etc., sometimes we go shopping together and we give opinions and suggestions to each other.

12. What are your plans for Chinese New Year?
My boyfriend and I will travel to Thailand and Cambodia for 2 weeks, can’t wait!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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