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A few weeks ago, I got an email from the staff of, offering me to try one of their products. I didn’t know this website before but Tmart is an e-marketplace where you can find a wide selection of products at a low price and worldwide free shipping. They offered me to try the Tmart tripod 40″ WT3110A Aluminum Tripod Parties Jie Professional Tripod, one of the tripods that you can find in the Tmart Camera Tripods section on the website. It arrived well protected and in perfect conditions. The tripod comes in a waterproof fabric bag for easy transport.
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This Tmart tripod is made with aluminium so it is very light to carry around and very easy to use. Lever leg locks can extend and contract quickly and conveniently.

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I usually try to take photos with day light, but this tripod is very helpful when it starts to get dark. When I’m taking photos of street style, once I have found the person, it doesn’t need much time to shoot. But for longer photo shootings as for magazines, events and others, this tripod is quite an useful tool.
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I was taking some photos the last days with it and it is worthy to make use of it. It’s so light that you can’t notice that you are carrying it around and you can ensemble it very fast. This tripod is a good option for beginner photographers: light, inexpensive and easy to handle.
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