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            Sulfur dioxide

            Product name : Sulfur dioxide liquid sulfur dioxide SO 2 
            Other names: Sulfur dioxide, Sulfurous oxide, Sul-furous acid anhydride. 
            Molecular formula: SO 2 
            UN No. UN 23013  
            CAS No. 7446-09-5  
            Purity: 99.99% 

            Packing instructions: 10L high pressure carbon steel cylinder 10kg / bottle, 40LGB5099 carbon steel cylinder 45kg / bottle, in addition to 500kg / can, 1 ton / can of packaging, SO2 special valve QF-10 bottle valve. 

            Product Description: Liquid sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas with strong pungent irritating odor at normal temperature and pressure. 
            Does not support combustion. Mainly used in the preparation of H2SO4, Na2S and other inorganic sulfides, organic synthesis, fumigants, insecticides, fruit and vegetable preservatives, disinfectant fungicides are easy to liquefy. Does not burn in the air. Bleach, paper industry, suede, Refrigerant, petroleum refining, magnesium smelting, preservatives, standard gas, calibration gas, online instrument standard gas. 

            Precautions: Wear protective clothing, goggles, respirator or respirator when handling sulphur dioxide. Workplaces should be properly  
            ventilated indoors and be isolated from combustibles. Wet sulphur dioxide is highly corrosive. At room temperature, aluminum, copper, copper alloy, nickel, and ventilating can be used for anhydrous dioxide. The gas cylinder should be placed outdoors or in nickel alloy, lead, iron, cast iron, steel, molybdenum and magnesium. For wet sulfur dioxide, stainless steel, nickel-resistant alloy, polytetrafluoroethylene, polychlorotrifluoroethylene, etc. can be used. 
            In the event of a fire, use misty water, foam, or sand to extinguish the fire. When the gas leaks, it should be sent to the washing tower or the fume hood connected to the washing tower by the exhaust fan.

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