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            Hot Products: Industrial difluorochloromethane / R134 / R410 / liquid ammonia / methyl chloride
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            CAS: 124-40,
            Supply: dimethylamine gas (>99%)
            The company specializes in sales: monomethylamine gas, dimethylamine gas, trimethylamine gas; provides one, two, and three methylamine filling cylinders, and provides professional transport vehicles for professional one, two, and three methylamine cylinders.
            English name: Dimethylamine
            Dangerous Goods Code: 21044
            UN number: 1032
            CAS: 124-40-3
            Packing and storage: high pressure steam tanker or about 500 kg, about 260 kg high pressure steel cans
            Hazard category: Class 2.1, flammable gas
            Main use: Dimethylamine is a precursor for the synthesis of many important chemical products. It can be reacted with carbon disulfide to produce dimethyl dithiocarbamate, a precursor of a substance widely used in the vulcanization of rubber. The excellent solvents dimethylformamide (DMF) and dimethylacetamide were also prepared by dimethylamine. Dimethylamine is a raw material for the preparation of many pesticides and pharmaceuticals, such as diphenhydramine. Chemical weapons tower collapse can be prepared from dimethylamine. The surfactant lauryl dimethylamine oxide is also widely used in soaps and detergents. Rocket fuel dimethyl hydrazine is also prepared by dimethylamine.

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