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            Hydrogen peroxide

            Product Category: Inorganic Chemical / Inorganic Acid 
            Product name :Hydrogen peroxide  
            CAS NO:7722-84-1  
            Molecular Weight: 34.0147   
            EC NO:231-765-0 
            Molecular Formula: H2O2 InChI:InChI  
            Alias: hydrogen peroxide; hydrogen peroxide (85%); hydrogen peroxide (85%) 
            Structural formula: 
            Specification: Industrial grade 
            Packaging: plastic drum, tank truck 
            Physical and chemical properties: Property Colorless transparent liquid. Melting point -0.41 ° C Boiling point 150.2 ° C Relative density 1.4067 (25 ° C) Solubility soluble in water, alcohol, ether, insoluble in petroleum ether. 
            Uses: It can be used as bleaching agent, disinfectant, dechlorination agent, etc. It is widely used in textile, bleaching, papermaking, chemical and other industries as analytical reagents and bleaching agents.

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