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Swell Co. Cafe

Address: 台北市大安區四維路23號
Tel: 02 2700 3003
Hours: Sun – Thu 10:30am – 8pm, Fri – Sat 10:30am – 10:30pm
Website: Swell Co. Cafe’s FB page

Swell Co. Cafe is a nice coffee place located in the center of Taipei, near the Renai Rd. and Dunhua S. Rd. intersection, not too far from Savour Cafe. It’s easy to spot the “Have a swell day” graffiti on the outside wall. As you can see through its big windows, it’s a cafeteria built according to surfing lifestyle. This is reflected in all the decoration, with surfboards hanging on the walls, photos, paintings, and even neon lights. Wooden furniture and many plants, specially cactus, fill the space.

swell 1

swell 2

swell 3

swell 4

swell 5

swell 6

They serve some food and desserts, which I haven’t tried (yet!) The drink menu is mostly specialised in coffees and teas, but you can also find some other drinks. We ordered a hot flat white coffee (150 NTD), and a hot kir royal fruit tea (220 NTD). I love the wood coasters!

swell 7

swell 8

Eating & drinking Lifestyle

VVG Hideaway

Address: 台北市士林區菁山路136號
Tel: 02 2862 6488
Hours: Mon – Sun 12pm – 9pm
Website: VVG Hideaway’s FB page

VVG Hideaway 1
VVG Hideaway is a restaurant that belongs to the VVG Group. VVG, that stands for “Very Very Good”, is one of Taiwan’s best known lifestyle brands. VVG Group leads a whole lifestyle concept; the group has a boutique hotel (VVG BB + B), a bistro (VVG Bistro [好樣餐廳]), a restaurant (VVG Thinking [好樣思維]), a cafe (VVG Action [好樣情事]), a restaurant themed for kids (and not so kids) (VVG Pomme [好樣蘋果兒]), a bookstore (VVG Something [好樣本事]), a bakery and a crafts/DIY boutique (VVG Chiffon [好樣喜歡]), and a shop, cafe & bookstore (文房VVG Chapter).

VVG Hideaway is in Yangmingshan mountain, in the outskirts of Taipei. It’s somehow hidden, a bit difficult to find, but totally worth the trip. The access is through a garden with a beautiful fountain.

VVG Hideaway 2
Going up the stairs, you can see an aromatic herbs garden with rosemary, basil, etc. Then you arrive at the outside terrace, which has a nice view, and the entrance of the restaurant.

VVG Hideaway 3

VVG Hideaway 4

VVG Hideaway 5
The building, all white bricks, big windows and skylights, has incredible amounts of light. The decoration is simple: white walls and some mirrors to reflect the light, wood furniture and light wood floors. Some curtains or folding screens create some corners and separate spaces to give more intimacy.

VVG Hideaway 6

VVG Hideaway 7

VVG Hideaway 8

VVG Hideaway 9

The menu has a bit of everything: appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pasta and desserts. We ordered the sautéed assorted mushroom and bread salad with prosciutto and baked eggs (360NTD), and two sandwiches (380NTD each): one with French ham, cheese and seared vegetables; and another with shiitake mushroom and Grana padano cheese with homemade rosemary mayonnaise, both served with VVG chips.

VVG Hideaway 10

VVG Hideaway 11

VVG Hideaway 12

As there is always room for something sweet, we ordered two latte (220NTD each) and a carrot cake to share (180 NTD).

VVG Hideaway 13

VVG Hideaway 14

It started raining after lunch, so we stayed taking a look at the store area. Imitating a big living room, some sofas face the big windows with views over the mountain, while other sofas face each other, perfect for calmed conversations while listening the sound of the rain. There is even an interior garden!

VVG Hideaway 16

VVG Hideaway 17

VVG Hideaway 18

VVG Hideaway 19

At the store you can buy multiple things, from stationary products, craft supplies, handmade products, to books and travel guides, all from a curated selection by VVG.

VVG Hideaway 20

VVG Hideaway 21

VVG Hideaway 22

Eating & drinking Lifestyle

The Comeback Kids

A couple of months ago, my friend Henry presented his first book: The Comeback Kids. I was happy to be at the launch party and see his accomplishment. The event was full of supporting friends and family, and people who wanted to know more about this book. I even have a photo with the author, like a groupie!

Comeback 1
Comeback 2
Comeback 3

The event was hosted at Ombré, a restaurant and cafe located in an alley near Zhongxiao Dunhua, just in front of Herban. They were offering some beverages and delicious finger food, like these cups of salad or these cute mini hamburgers.

Comeback 4
Comeback 5
Comeback 6
Comeback 7
Ombré is a nice coffee place in the center of Taipei. Despite being close to one of Taipei’s most crowded areas, its location in a hidden alley eases to disconnect. The decoration is simple but beautiful, with wooden floor and furniture, and some vintage trunks decorating any corner or being used as a table in the terrace.

Comeback 8
Comeback 9
Comeback 10
Comeback 11
Comeback 12
Now I have finished reading it and it’s a great book! I already have my copy, how long until you get yours? You can purchase it on Amazon.

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Truffles Living

Address: 台北市大安區文昌街66號
Tel: 02 2708 8961
Hours: Tue – Sun 12 pm – 9 pm
Website: Truffles Living’s FB page

Truffles 1

Truffles Living is not only a coffee place, but also an old furniture shop. Located in a quiet street parallel to Xinyi Rd., you will easily find it thanks to the big and white sunshade, the wooden entrance with plenty of plants and a beautiful bicycle usually parked there.

Once inside, the decoration is simple but cozy. The high ceilings and the diaphanous space accommodate both objects and furniture for sell as the comfy sofas, chairs and wooden tables where to enjoy their drinks and food. The big windows make it a light-filled space during the day. The ambience is usually quiet, offering a perfect spot to work on your laptop on a Sunday afternoon.

Truffles 2
Truffles 3
Truffles 4
Truffles 5
They mainly sell old furniture and objects like typewriters or lamps coming from Europe, but you can always find a nice and original surprise like an old jukebox.

Truffles 6

Truffles 7
Truffles 8
Besides the drinks, their menu also offers some salads, paninis, and desserts. I ordered a hot latte (150 NTD) and a delicious lemon tart (170 NTD), accompanied by some fruit.

Truffles 9
Truffles 10

Eating & drinking Lifestyle

The green steps 永康階

Address: 台北市大安區金華街243巷27號
Tel: 02 2392 3719
Hours: Mon – Sun 11 am – 11 pm
Website: The green steps 永康階’s FB page

The green steps 永康階 1
The green steps 永康階 2
The green steps 永康階 3
The green steps 永康階 is a nice coffee place located at Yongkang Street, in Taipei, with big windows and an outside terrace (not so common in Taiwan!). Despite being close to the always crowded Yongkan Street, this place is usually quiet and with a relaxing atmosphere. Perfect to enjoy a sunny day at the terrace with some friends.

The drink menu is specialised in coffees and teas, but, if you are a sweet lover, there are some really good desserts! We ordered a beauty tea (200 NTD), a hot chamomile tea (180 NTD) and a hot latte (180 NTD). I love the floral pattern in the cups!

The green steps 永康階 4
The green steps 永康階 5
The green steps 永康階 6
The green steps 永康階 7