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林忻柔 Shalynn

林忻柔 Shalynn is an 18 years old student in Taipei. I met her at the Songshan Cultural Park, where she was with some friends (who will also star some posts soon). She was wearing a loose white shirt with big pockets on the front and rolled to the elbows, grey skater skirt, and black ankle boots with golden buckle. Along with her inseparable iPhone, her complements were earrings, a necklace, some bracelets, and a black handbag.

林忻柔 Shalynn 1

林忻柔 Shalynn 2

林忻柔 Shalynn 3

林忻柔 Shalynn 4

Fashion Street Style


Jessica is 27 years old and works as a graphic designer. She was walking with a friend (who will also star a post soon) around the Zhongshan area, full of cute shops and restaurants.

She was wearing a beige blazer over a dress with floral print, white socks, and pastel pink shoes. Her complements were a bow in her hair, and a studded handbag of Winnie Mouse.





Fashion Street Style


Vera is 24 years old and as an English teacher in a kindergarden.

She was wearing an extra long cardigan with a gradient from white to black, white shirt, maroon shorts with small mustard polka dots, black tights with a flower pattern, and brown leather shoes.

Her complements were a golden watch, some bracelets, and a light brown leather handbag from Gianni Chiarini.






Fashion Street Style


Emma is 29 years old and she was around the Zhongxiao Dunhua area when I met her.

She was wearing a beige coat from Zara, a denim shirt, a stripped skirt, black tights, brown socks, and maroon patent-leather shoes, bought at 新竹大成街. Emma’s complements were a dark blue beret and an orange leather handbag.






Fashion Street Style


Urit is 27 years old and works as a design assistant. I met her in the area of Zhongxiao Dunhua in Taipei.

She was wearing a grey hooded coat, over a shirt sweater, black tights, and black shoes with platform. Her complements were a green umbrella with big white polka dots, and a turquoise handbag with a small yellow lightning, that Urit bought online.